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Thread: Miniature schnauzer owners

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    Miniature schnauzer owners

    i just got a miniature schnauzer puppy named Lexie, shes only 9 weeks old, and i was just wondering if anybody had any tips.. on their personallitys or anything like that. id really appreciate it.

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    She is so beautiful. My two are standards, so would be a fair bit bigger, but all schnauzers just loved being loved.

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    I'm glad to hear that you are wanting to learn about the breed. I am slightly dissapointed that you didn't research the breed before you got him, but you already have him & want to learn & thats all that matters now.

    I reccomend you talk to the breeder as they will certainly know all about the breed and should be more than happy to inform you on what to expect.

    They are great dogs and cute to boot!
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