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Thread: Min. Schnauzer

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    Min. Schnauzer

    I'm new here.
    We are thinking of getting a Min. Schnauzer puppy. I don't know much about dogs, but I know I have always wanted one and now is a good time in my life for that to happen.

    I would like some general information about the Min. Schnauzer breed from people who are familiar with their habits, personality traits, etc.

    I appreciate any information.


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    i dont know much, but here is someone who does.
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    The AKC's website is definately a good resource for breed info and finding a good breeder or rescue. If you want to find a well bred puppy a breed club can give you referrals to ethical responsible breeders that care about making the breed better. Their concern is quality, not quantity. Stay away from the classified adds in the newspapers and magazines and the people sitting on the side of the road or parking lots, those are backyard breeders that only care about making money and you run the risk of getting a poorly bred pup that could have health and/or temperament problems. Find out if any of the Min. Schnauzer breed clubs are putting on any dog shows and go take a look. You'll be able to interact with well trained and well bred dogs and talk to the handlers of the Schnauzers you like the most. This way you can find out if and when they plan to breed. Good luck in your search.

    Here are some other links that give good tips on finding good breeders:

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    Schnauzers make awsome pets! schnauzers are smart dogs, and they are easy to house break. they are great with kids and other pets. Schnauzers are protective, and are clownish. and all in all they make great family dogs!

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    Thank you for all your information

    I have found a puppy through a friend who knew a responsible and reputable breeder. I visited the home, saw the parents and felt good about getting a puppy. The lady provided me with a wealth of information about caring for my new baby, what to expect, feeding, training - just everything.

    My family and I are just so in love with our new baby. His name is Pepper and he is the center of our attention. Right now he is sleeping in my lap.

    I will try to post some pictures when I figure out how.

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