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Thread: Maya's investigation!

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    Maya's investigation!

    Maya was playing in the garden. Then suddenly she saw something interesting:

    He, what's THAT ???

    Hey critters, what's you're eating??

    Hey , answer me, NOW!!!

    What's up, your highness? Did you call us?
    Hmpffffffff, I am so pissed off, cannot you answer a bit faster to me???!!

    Oh come on, Maya, don't be a nag!

    Next time you want to talk, Maya, be a bit friendlier, okay!!

    Then Maya just dropped off, VERY unhappy....

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    Maya, Maya, Maya! You have to be patient with others pretty girl! We know no animal could be as quick and smart as a kitty(so they seem to think) so you must show patience !!!
    You have some very cute friends there!

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    How sweet she is, but Maya you do have to have a bit of patience with others. Did you ever find out what they were eating?

    Thanks so much kittycats_delight for the beautiful siggy and avatar of my kids!

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    Nothing worse than a language barrier!
    Poor Maya, all upset!!

    Tja, da's niet zo mooi.
    Tiger, Percy, Antoinette, Scooter,Norbert,Willy, Pippin

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    Originally posted by rkidsrcats
    Tja, da's niet zo mooi.
    he he, you speak Dutch ?That is SUPER!!

    btw, they were eating some fresh leaves of salad

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    Poor Maya. Did those animals not bow down to you fast enough your highness. Well, I hope you sure showed those cute adorable little pets, a thing or two.

    Great pictures and captions.

    Maya is such a beautiful girl.

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    What cute little friends Maya has .... well, I guess they are her friends?
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    Originally posted by kimlovescats
    well, I guess they are her friends?
    Ahum..... no, not really . Maya will never try to get inside that run, she knows she would be in BIG trouble!! But she absolutely doesn't like my critters, and she fears close contact! Of course, when they are behind a fence or a window, Maya knows she is on the "safe side"

    Inka is a bit braver, but I would never trust her alone with Jasper

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