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Thread: Fraud investigation

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    Fraud investigation

    My SO had his bank account broken into. He bought something at store X using a debit card, then shortly (within days) there were fraudulent charges. The bank, fortunately, flagged these and froze the account without allowing the charges. I am very suspicious about store X, which he shops at very infrequently. Do you know of any recourse against store X?

    The other thing, one of the charges appeared on PayPal.
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    Report it to the police; and notify PayPal

    Can't hurt.

    Thank goodness the bank was on top of this, and you didn't lose any funds!

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    Very similiar thing happened to my sister this month also. She hadn't used the debit card in ages, and then shortly after she did this month, there were several fraudulent attempts to charge things. I think she said that it was at Arby's that she used hers.

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    Freedom is right, notify the police. Although it was tough getting them to do so, the police (at least in my county) now take credit card theft very seriously. It does require a fair amount of time on their part and can lead to a lot of dead ends, but they are now really pursueing these crimes. And if/when you report this to the police they may find that other people who shop there have also had their credit cards compromised. They may be able to find out who is using the cards by finding out what was purchased. Like I said it is going to take time, but report it.

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