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Thread: Diego!

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    I'm drowning! Drowning in those beautiful eyes of yours, Diego! You are absolutely STUNNING! One of the most beautifuly soft and elegant kitties I've ever seen. I can certainly see how you won over your daddy in an instant! You certainly have your routine down pat for working your way out of the 'naughty' spot . Your coat is just divine, what a wonderful job your Mommy does of keeping you brushed every day. You certainly have Daddy wrapped around your little paw too! I'm afraid I'd just be another hopeless victim to your charms, Diego. I hope today is especially wonderful, with your favorite fetching game and plenty of beauty rest hours, as well as cuddles with Mom and Dad! Congratulations Diego, our exquisite Cat of the Day!
    Mom to Raven and Rudy the greyhound

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    Congratulatons, Diego!

    Oh my what a gorgeous kitty you are. I absolutely love Ragdoll kitties! They are my favorite. I'm so happy that you are our cat of the day. I'm sure you are going to be treated quite well today just like you are every day.

    Enjoy your special day, Diego!


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    Carabouli's Beautiful Diego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....congrats on your most wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...i hope that you enjoy your day by watching your humans fetch treats for you all day and when you are ready to go to bed i am quite sure daddy will gladly give up his pillow today!!!!

    ZIP and SHY R.I.P. my beautiful girls

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    What a beautiful and most darling Dutch named Diego!! Your eyes are as pretty as the Nederlander sky - what a very special boy you are, D! Congrats to Dear Diego!

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    Wow, Diego, you have such beautiful stunning blue eyes! And such a gorgeous pelt! Have a wonderful day celebrating and getting lots of love! Congrats, Diego, to being our most handsome COTD!!

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    So.....your dad thought he didn't care too much for cats? Fooled him, didn't you! Diego, you are one of the most beautiful kittens I've ever had the pleasure to see on PetTalk. And a smart little guy too, getting your humans to fetch for you. I hope you have many years of health and happiness with your loving family, dear Diego.

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