Hallo everybody!

I just wanted to says thanks on behalf of our adorable cat Diego.
Wonderful to see all the great reactions.
This is a late reaction, but I have a good reason.

I had sent Diego's picture months ago and checked everyday to see if he would be chosen. Now it just so happend to be that my boyfriend and I went on holiday to South Africa for three weeks.

(Don't worry Diego (and his newest friend Vigo) were very well looked after by family...)

We just came back last week and I only looked at COTD today.
And you can imagine my surprise at seeing our darling being COTD!!! WOW!

Diego in the meantime has grown to be a very big boy. And he has a great friend now, also a Ragdoll. I will send a picture of Vigo as soon as possible. He deserves just as much attention!

Thanks everybody!

Stephanie, Jos, Diego and Vigo