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Thread: my peek-a-poo likes insects

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    my peek-a-poo likes insects

    Is there anyone out who has a peek-a-poo that has a fascination for eating insects? On a recent outing, Shadow leaps through the air to catch fire flies. I've managed to fish a few out of his mouth...but several were long gone by the time I opened his mouth. Is there any harm in this? [email protected]

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    I do not have a Peek-a-poo
    but my dogs like to chase flying insects
    and eat them too. Flies especially.


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    Shiloh (GSD)loves to eat bugs!! The other day she spit up a dead bee! She's always out there snatching something from the air! One day she's gonna get stung!
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    Iris isn't a peekapoo, but she loves eating flies and those fake ladybugs (some kind of beetles). A couple days ago Carl, my Rottweiler, was trying to catch a butterfly. It was so funny though, because there was absolutely no way this big clunky Rott could catch this beautiful graceful butterfly!

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    My Basset Hound Daisy eats bugs all the time! When she is outside, she leaps against the window next to my computer and chomps down moths. It's gross! But not to her I guess I don't see any harm in it.

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    My Tucker, a cocker spaniel, is always trying to catch flies in mid air. Kind of cute although I don't think he has actually managed to catch one. I do worry when he goes after an occational wasp.

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    My little dog, Pup, is driven crazy by flying bugs, but loves to eat crawling bugs. She likes to go into the basement with me when I am doing laundry, because there's always creepy-crawlys down there for her to chase and pounce on. Once she ate a spider that must have been poisonous, because she was throwing up the rest of the day!
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