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Thread: harmful insects for dogs...

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    harmful insects for dogs...

    Are miller moths harmful for dogs to eat? They started coming around the past couple weeks and we have noticed that our dog is eating them. She has been hacking and not being herself lately.

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    i don't know. I have never heard of a dog eating insects. some do probably

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    It's amazing what some dogs will eat, lol. I think that the only thing to worry about as far as them eating insects is if they eat enough to fill up their stomach and can't digest them. This has happened to some people around us with the 17-year locusts (cicadas). When it's the year for them, there are soooooo many that dogs/cats eat them and fill up their stomachs with them. They can't digest the hard shells on the bugs and they build up and cause a blockage.

    If she isn't eating too many, I wouldn't worry too much. If you're worried anyway, maybe call your vet and find out what they can advise.

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    Moths are no problem

    Nothing like leaping up in the air to catch one. Of course my little male didn't particularly enjoy getting stung with a swarm of yellow jackets. Keep a supply of Benedryl around (clear gel caps).

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