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Thread: Wet Spots under dog

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    Wet Spots under dog

    This is out of control. Has anyone else ever had this happen? My dog suddenly started leaving wet spots on the carpet wherever she sleeps or rests, even over short spans of time. That's right, she is leaking. She has a doggy door and free access to relieve herself outdoors, and does so, all the time. Could she have a bladder infection or something? I sure hope this sudden onset incontinence is not permanent! Thank you for any advice or information. Scheduled a vet appt for mid next wk.

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    UT tract infection likely

    Leakage of this type is common for UT infections. Have puppy checked by the Vet.

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    Sounds like it could be a UTI...your vet will want to take a urine sample...those are always fun to catch! Had to do that with gracie last week..

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    it sounds like a UTI(Urinary Tract Infection),its easy to treat,just with anti-biotics.
    Hopefully nothing serious!

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    Like others have said it could be a UTI. It could also be that she is incontinent or even something else. A trip to the vet is a must.

    I thought my Giant had a UTI but it turned out that she is incontinent which is common in female GS. The link above has some decent info.

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    Thanks everyone. Sounds like the vet visit will tell all. She was in just two weeks ago to get her chompers detailed, so they have a recent blood panel on file. Maybe I can avoid death by vet bills if that panel can be useful to help diagnose this problem. She was experiencing the same symptoms at the time the blood was drawn but I didn't think to get the dental vet to comment on it...nor did I ever have the option of meeting the vet who did the cleaning due to timing conflicts. Got some more work to do but appreciate all the helpful replies. Hopefully just a routine UTI that can be knocked out with a little time and a little meds.

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    Is she spayed? Spay incontinence is fairly common and easily treated.

    Hope it's nothing too serious.
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