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Thread: Why is my cat getting hot spots?

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    Why is my cat getting hot spots?

    A few months ago, Marley was diagnosed with a hot spot and treated with oral antibiotics. He looks like he is developing another now.

    He doesn't have fleas, so does anyone have an idea why he might be developing these? Are they common and I am just a worrywart?


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    Hot spots can be caused by an internal virus, an allergy, stress, any number of things. Has there been any kind of changes in his routine, litter, food? Have you moved lately or has anyone moved in? What did your vet say? He might want to do blood work to see if it's something internal. Please keep us posted.

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    Hot Spots

    His food did change, back in the summertime. He developed urinary problems and was put on Feline CD/S Dry food. That's been the only change I know of.

    I've called the vet and am awaiting a call back right now.

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