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Thread: Need help cleaning urine out of air vent

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    Need help cleaning urine out of air vent

    I posted this on the dog side but got to thinking this isn't really pet specific. My dog Disney urinated in the bathroom right on top of the heat and air vent. It ran down inside all over the duct work. I've have scrubbed it with Mr. Clean and then later with Nature's Miracle but it still stinks, especially when the heat runs. What will help neutralize the ordor? This is some potent smelling stuff too.

    By the way, Disney has Canine Cognative Dysfunction which is like Alzheimer's for dogs and she is starting to forget her potty training.

    Thanks for any suggestions and help.

    From Decker with Love

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Oh Lori, I'm so sorry to hear Disney is starting to show her age.

    As for the smell in the ducts, it's possible that some of the urine seeped down into spots you can't get to. Maybe try just pouring some of the disinfectants/deodorants down the duct and hopefully they'll seep into the same spot the urine did. The only other thing I can think of is to call one of those duct cleaning places. They'll probably want to come and clean all the ducts, but maybe they'll be nice enough to give you some hints over the phone.
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    My thought is have the duct work replaced. You got the surface areas clean but it's gone further down the piping where you cant reach.
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    Is it possible to pour a lot of baking soda into the duct without it being blown out when the heat comes on? If so, pour some into the duct (providing it's dry now) and leave it overnight at least, then vacuum it out with a shop vac if you have one. It should absorb the odor. Vinegar is a good odor neutralizer as well, but may corrode the metal. Poor Disney girl. We went through that with our RB dog Maggie, and it was the pits.
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    Hubby got down and looked tonight and said there is a place where the duct work connects and it's possible the urine got between that and soaked into the insulation wrapped around the duct work. He said he would crawl under the house and replace that insulation since it looks like I've cleaned everything else squeaky clean.

    QSL- I thought about baking soda too but wasn't sure if it was good idea. Dummy me didn't think about vacuuming it out, LOL. I will try that tomorrow, thanks.

    Poor Disney, she has been going down hill quickly. It seems like this past month has been the worse. We even had "that" talk about her this past weekend. Hubby wants to make sure I'm prepared for what is coming.

    From Decker with Love

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    Oh Lori! I'm sorry to hear about Disney. I have no suggestions to help remove the odor, but lots of prayers coming your way to help with Disney.

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