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Thread: Dog Urine

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    Dog Urine

    Okay... I know you can find cat urine by using a black light (cat urine glows funny), but cat urine isn't our problem.

    Somewhere in Fuzzy317's living room there is puppy piddle and I've steam cleaned, treated, washed, and done everything I can think of to find the source. I've even moved furniture to see if it gets better or worse and it's the same.

    Is there some magic light that will make puppy piddle show up / glow / SOMETHING??

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    Actually saw on a couple websites that dog urine also glows in black light. Huh, never knew either did!

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    I know what yopur proble is..... you really clean the spot but.....a puppy will pee on the same spot of EVER! YOu have 2 get a special cleaner so they cant smell the pee any more!! If they smell the pee they will pee there same with dog-poo
    Elora & Checkers

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    Yeah, I have seen some sopt cleanser that detour dogs from peeing in the Smith and Fosters cateloge, they also have a website.

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