I think that Mixed Breeds are wonderful dogs also. They are noted to be one of the smartest and cutest dogs around. Mixed Breed dogs usually are very mello also. My husband had a Mixed Dobie-Shepard that was the love of his life. He has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We lost our Zeus to the Rainbow Bridge this past January and I adopted Sasha in the Spring another Doberman.
I love all animals,dogs,cats,pets if you check out my profile you can see my home-page. We have Dobermans,Cats and Parrots some of which have been rescued or adopted.
What I am trying to say is that we have some many wonderful animals out there, it is great to see people that like various breeds. I love them all and would like to take them all home. I fell in love with Dobes at a young age but all dogs are great.