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Thread: Mixed Breeds

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    Mixed Breeds

    What type of mixed breed dog do you have? What are some of it's characteristics?

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    I have a beagle that could be mixed with a bluetick, german shorthaired pointer, or pointer. She is very lovable, keen, smart, she's always happy and will get along with any animal. She is a little shy around men.

    And then I have a beagle/basset X who is a handfull, he is independent, stuborn, and lazy, but he is lovable and playfull. He is terrified of men (once abused)

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    I have a German Shepherd Pit bull mix. His anme is Simba. He has the built of an pit bull and the muzzle of a german shepherd. Simba can be loveing but also very protective over myself and my family. Simba is sometimes very independent. Sometimes he can be very hyper! and just like i love hounds beagle\basset X Simba is VERY LAZY!!!!! We have even tested him befor. We would put a peice of ham in his bowl (ham is one of him favs.! and when we leave he goes to my mom and dad room (he doesnt stay in a crate while we are away) so he gets to run around and do what he wants but besides running around or seeing what is in his bowl he lays in my parents bed alllll day!! how we know is becaus ehte ham is still in the bowl when we get home and hes in the bed!!!

    oh well hes our Fatty boy! and we love him!!



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    I have a 4 month old puppy named Dale and he is said to be St. Bernard/Border Collie mx or Pointer/Springer Spaniel mx. We are not sure what he is but he is very cute and he is starting to learn (slowly but surely).

    Amanda, Damien and Dale

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    Ohh Dale is sooo cute.

    i have three dogs

    Zeus-Rotty/border collie
    Hercules-Rotty/border collie/Austrailian Shephard

    Felice is very lazy. I call her the 120 lb couch potatoe. Zeus is the athelete he can jump 8 foot fences. Herc is the protector. he doesn't like strangers very much

    but all three have very different personalities and I love them all

    you can see them at

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    I used to have a Rott/Lab mix, Buster, that we got at the shelter. We didn't really know what a Rottweiler was and we thought the people at the shelter just made it up. After Buster we had Annie (purebred lab), now we have Carl (purebred Rott). Now after having both breeds, I can see Buster had a lot of Rottie in him, he just looked like a lab - everything else about him was Rottweiler

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