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    POSTING PICTURES on Pet Talk; class 101

    Pet Talk's "Posting Pictures; 101" created 10/24/2001; revised 1/20/2002;
    Further Revised on 1/14/2003.

    Please NOTE:
    These steps mention and use examples of my photos from;
    but the Basic Steps are valid for any photo stored on any internet server.

    AND... My Operating System is Windows 98, Second Edition;
    my Browser is NetScape version 4.78.
    IF your Op System and/or Browser are different, then the steps you must
    take might be slightly different!

    That said; remember that the Code Lines shown as examples are what
    you must end up with for your pictures to post properly on Pet Talk ~ just
    remember that there are NOT to be ANY spaces or {*} in a line of code!
    Those spaces and {*} you see were put there to prevent the Pet Talk software from
    treating those lines as "valid" instruction codes. Without those extra spaces
    or {*} you could not have seen the code ~ the BBS would have made a picture.

    Here are the *steps* to follow ~ AFTER you have your pictures uploaded to a site
    such as

    NetScape 4.7x Users Section:

    Start a post here on Pet Talk;

    Open your album in another browser window;
    Click on the thumbnail to get the next larger photo;
    RIGHT-Click on the larger photo;
    * Observe the drop-down box and
    * Select and Click "Copy Image Location";

    Come back to your post on Pet Talk;
    Click on the "IMG" button above the message block;
    * a pop-up Image data box will appear
    Point the arrow/cursor Inside the pop-up address block;
    ** RIGHT-click the mouse;
    ** a drop-down menue with a choice of "Paste" should appear;
    Select and Right-click "PASTE";

    Now you should see a line in the message block like this:

    [IMG}[/IM G]

    Finish your message and post it!
    Hit the "add Reply" button to finish.
    ----- End of NetScape Section --------

    Internet Explorer Users Section ------
    Internet Explorer does it Differently than NetScape!

    Here's the steps to post a picture on Pet Talk using the Internet Explorer Browser...

    ** Open a Pet Talk post in one window; and your Photo Hosting web page in another window.
    Display the Thumbnail or next size up photo that you want to post.

    * Point you mouse ON TOP of the photo image
    * RIGHT-click ON the photo
    ~~ A drop-down box will appear with the following active choices:
    ~~~ Save Picture as
    ~~~ Set as Wallpaper
    ~~~ Set as Desktop Item
    ~~~ Copy >> IGNORE THIS / DON'T USE IT!!
    ~~~ Add to Favorites
    ~~~ Properties >> This is what we use!!

    * Point to Properties
    * RIGHT-click on Properties
    ~~ Another drop-down box titled "Properties" will appear
    * Find the line labeled "Address: (URL)"
    ~~~ It will Start with "ht tp:// and End with ".jpg"
    *Put the cursor on the "H" in http
    * HOLD DOWN the LEFT-mouse clicker and
    * Scroll across the whole address - get it ALL highlighted (it might take up two lines).
    * Release the left mouse button
    ~~ You should now have Highlighted the whole address
    * POINT to the highlighted address
    * RIGHT-click on the highlighted address
    ~~ Another drop-down will appear with "Copy" an active item
    *POINT to and RIGHT-click on the word "Copy"
    ~~~ You have now memorized the photo location address

    ** Come back and Open up the Pet Talk window again
    * Find the "IMG" Push Button
    * LEFT-click the IMAGE button
    ~~ A data box should open
    * POINT to the empty area inside the box
    ** RIGHT-click inside the box
    ~~ Another drop-dow appears with PASTE active
    * Point to and RIGHT-click the Paste choice
    ~~~ You should see the photo address appear inside the box
    ~~~ It will start with "ht tp:// and end with ".jpg"
    * Click on the OK inside the data box

    ~~ Now you should see the photo address inside the Pet Talk Message window.
    It will have an [im g] in front of and an [/im g] behind the address.
    The whole image line will look like this...

    80b56514748191afcbcf/fcf7b950.jpg[/IM G]
    (but that space in the [/IM G] WON'T be there.)

    Finish up your post message and you're DONE!
    Hit the "Add Reply" button to finish.

    Hope this helps the Internet Explorer users.

    Now for the real thing:
    "GranMom and her FurKids at the Village on 1/27/02...

    "Yep, that's GranMom hiding behind the shades!"
    Rest In Peace, Mom.

    That photo was created by This line of Code:
    62b58a3ed681ad51f6dd757/fca3b43d.jpg[/IM G]


    Signature Photos... Thumbnail sized photos (the size displayed on your Index Pages) make great signature photos.
    The steps to code a photo into you signature file (located on your profile page)
    are exactly the same as outlined above.
    Open up your profile with "Edit Profile".

    Find the "Signature Message Block" - looks sorta like a regular posting message fill-in box.
    Work in that box JUST LIKE it was a message you were composing for a post.
    You can type words above, in front of, behind, and below your photos.
    You can BOLD or ItalicI words with the [b ]..[/b ] and [i ]..[/i ] codes.

    Anyway - do it JUST LIKE a post =
    Open to see the Album Page where ALL your photos are stored as THUMBNAILS.

    You WANT to use a THUMBNAIL sized photo - anything else will be too big.

    Internet Expolrer users follow the steps given above^^
    NetScape Steps follow below:

    Go to your ImageStation album and Find the Thumbnail Photo you want to use,
    RIGHT-click on the Thumbnail; Click copy image location;
    Go back to the Signature message entry box;
    Type in [IM G]then Right-click, select PASTE;
    RIGHT-click again and watch the photo location address appear;
    immediately follow the address with the closing[/IM G]

    If you want more than one thumbnail in the sig - read carefully!
    Skip one or two spaces after the FIRST "closing [/IM G] thingy", then
    ON THE SAME LINE make another [IM G]thingy;
    go back to webshots and do all the Right-clicks on your next Thumbnail;
    come back to the sig entry block and Right-click PASTE the second thumbnail right
    after the second "opening[IM G] thingy";
    finish that address with another [/IM G].

    You can stack up 4 or 5 thumbnails ON THE SAME LINE IN the entry box -
    the box will just scroll across so you never run out of room.
    Just make certain that EVERY photo is enclosed in it OWN set of
    [IM G]&[/IM G] code brackets.

    This all takes a little trial and error experimenting.
    Go to the "try your sig here" post, in [General], I think, and practice away.
    Keep EDITING the same post in that topic so you don't fill the page with
    bad attempts. Every time you edit your sig and try a new arrangement,
    the sig will update in the post you're practicing on.
    ThumbNail example of the picture from above...

    The code line for this Thummy looks like this...
    d681ad51f6dd757/fca3b43d.jpg.thumb.jpg[/IM G]

    If you want to display a photo in the body of a post, use the next size larger
    photo - the one you'll get by clicking on the Thumbnail photo.

    Final Note:
    If you are on a ImageStation page, you do NOT want to *copy* the location in your
    browser window - which is showing the address of a ImageStation PAGE, not your photo.

    Usually, a Right-click on the actual Photo will get you a drop-down box with
    the choice of "Copy Image Location", which you select and click.
    No drop-down box? Can't *copy* and *paste* ? Try this:

    1) Highlight the address by holding down the mouse button and moving the
    pointer across the address you want to copy; release button.
    2) Depress & hold "CONTROL" key and the "C" keys at the same time; then release both.
    3) Move to where you want to insert or paste the address.
    4) Depress & hold "CONTROL" key and the "V" keys at the same time;
    the address should pop up in the new location

    OK, Folks; Picture Posting 101 class is over for tonight!
    If I've managed to totally confuse you ~ send me an
    e-mail at: [email protected] and I'll try to un-confuse you!

    << Phred; posting pixsurez

    Last edited by Phred; 02-14-2003 at 11:12 PM.
    /s/ Phred, the "Dad" to Cinder & Smokey

    the Rescued & Adopted FurKids of *Phred*

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