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Thread: Help posting pictures

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    Help posting pictures

    How do you post pictures so that they appear within the body of the message? I have a Mac computer and the pictures are on my desktop. I also have them uploaded to Yahoo photos. I always have to do the browse feature and they never show up. Help please!

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    Here is a thread that should help you out!

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    Gee, I have no experience with MAC You do need to store them on an internet site, but I don't think Yahoo let's you repost them. Imagestation and Shutterfly are two free photo storage sites that do! From there, right click on the desired photo and copy the picture's url address then paste it here like this: Type [IMG] then paste the photo's spaces... followed by another set of brackets but this time with a backslash preceeding it, like this [/IMG] I'm not sure if that's how it works with MAC though. The tutorial should help. You can also post them as an attach. directly from your computer using the "attach file" option just below this "reply" window! Hope this helps a little!

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