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Thread: Posting Pictures

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    Posting Pictures

    Hello All,

    I would like to learn how to post pics without having to do it as an attachment. I want to know how you do it where the pics just automatically show up. I need easy to understand directions also. I am quite slow when it comes to this computer stuff. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance!


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    Here's a GREAT thread by Phred (hey, that rhymes!) that helped my a lot. Very, thorough. If you don't understand anything in it, just ask!! We're all happy to help!

    Phred's Tutorial

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    I am pretty bad about posting pics.
    Phred's Tutorial is wonderful.
    I have to post my pics first on a web site.
    Jen... help teach me how to size down my pics because
    they were to big, and took too to long for
    other people to down load them from here.
    She taught me to use the program, microsoft
    paint, click on image than use stretch/scew.
    If you get free web space from your internet
    provider you can post the pictures their
    first before putting them here, if not
    maybe someone can point you to
    a photo web site for that like imagination.


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