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Thread: POSTING PICTURES on Pet Talk; class 101

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    POSTING PICTURES on Pet Talk; class 101

    Pet Talk's "Posting Pictures; 101" created 10/24/2001; revised 1/20/2002;
    Further Revised on 1/14/2003.

    Please NOTE:
    These steps mention and use examples of my photos from;
    but the Basic Steps are valid for any photo stored on any internet server.

    AND... My Operating System is Windows 98, Second Edition;
    my Browser is NetScape version 4.78.
    IF your Op System and/or Browser are different, then the steps you must
    take might be slightly different!

    That said; remember that the Code Lines shown as examples are what
    you must end up with for your pictures to post properly on Pet Talk ~ just
    remember that there are NOT to be ANY spaces or {*} in a line of code!
    Those spaces and {*} you see were put there to prevent the Pet Talk software from
    treating those lines as "valid" instruction codes. Without those extra spaces
    or {*} you could not have seen the code ~ the BBS would have made a picture.

    Here are the *steps* to follow ~ AFTER you have your pictures uploaded to a site
    such as

    NetScape 4.7x Users Section:

    Start a post here on Pet Talk;

    Open your album in another browser window;
    Click on the thumbnail to get the next larger photo;
    RIGHT-Click on the larger photo;
    * Observe the drop-down box and
    * Select and Click "Copy Image Location";

    Come back to your post on Pet Talk;
    Click on the "IMG" button above the message block;
    * a pop-up Image data box will appear
    Point the arrow/cursor Inside the pop-up address block;
    ** RIGHT-click the mouse;
    ** a drop-down menue with a choice of "Paste" should appear;
    Select and Right-click "PASTE";

    Now you should see a line in the message block like this:

    [IMG}[/IM G]

    Finish your message and post it!
    Hit the "add Reply" button to finish.
    ----- End of NetScape Section --------

    Internet Explorer Users Section ------
    Internet Explorer does it Differently than NetScape!

    Here's the steps to post a picture on Pet Talk using the Internet Explorer Browser...

    ** Open a Pet Talk post in one window; and your Photo Hosting web page in another window.
    Display the Thumbnail or next size up photo that you want to post.

    * Point you mouse ON TOP of the photo image
    * RIGHT-click ON the photo
    ~~ A drop-down box will appear with the following active choices:
    ~~~ Save Picture as
    ~~~ Set as Wallpaper
    ~~~ Set as Desktop Item
    ~~~ Copy >> IGNORE THIS / DON'T USE IT!!
    ~~~ Add to Favorites
    ~~~ Properties >> This is what we use!!

    * Point to Properties
    * RIGHT-click on Properties
    ~~ Another drop-down box titled "Properties" will appear
    * Find the line labeled "Address: (URL)"
    ~~~ It will Start with "ht tp:// and End with ".jpg"
    *Put the cursor on the "H" in http
    * HOLD DOWN the LEFT-mouse clicker and
    * Scroll across the whole address - get it ALL highlighted (it might take up two lines).
    * Release the left mouse button
    ~~ You should now have Highlighted the whole address
    * POINT to the highlighted address
    * RIGHT-click on the highlighted address
    ~~ Another drop-down will appear with "Copy" an active item
    *POINT to and RIGHT-click on the word "Copy"
    ~~~ You have now memorized the photo location address

    ** Come back and Open up the Pet Talk window again
    * Find the "IMG" Push Button
    * LEFT-click the IMAGE button
    ~~ A data box should open
    * POINT to the empty area inside the box
    ** RIGHT-click inside the box
    ~~ Another drop-dow appears with PASTE active
    * Point to and RIGHT-click the Paste choice
    ~~~ You should see the photo address appear inside the box
    ~~~ It will start with "ht tp:// and end with ".jpg"
    * Click on the OK inside the data box

    ~~ Now you should see the photo address inside the Pet Talk Message window.
    It will have an [im g] in front of and an [/im g] behind the address.
    The whole image line will look like this...

    80b56514748191afcbcf/fcf7b950.jpg[/IM G]
    (but that space in the [/IM G] WON'T be there.)

    Finish up your post message and you're DONE!
    Hit the "Add Reply" button to finish.

    Hope this helps the Internet Explorer users.

    Now for the real thing:
    "GranMom and her FurKids at the Village on 1/27/02...

    "Yep, that's GranMom hiding behind the shades!"
    Rest In Peace, Mom.

    That photo was created by This line of Code:
    62b58a3ed681ad51f6dd757/fca3b43d.jpg[/IM G]


    Signature Photos... Thumbnail sized photos (the size displayed on your Index Pages) make great signature photos.
    The steps to code a photo into you signature file (located on your profile page)
    are exactly the same as outlined above.
    Open up your profile with "Edit Profile".

    Find the "Signature Message Block" - looks sorta like a regular posting message fill-in box.
    Work in that box JUST LIKE it was a message you were composing for a post.
    You can type words above, in front of, behind, and below your photos.
    You can BOLD or ItalicI words with the [b ]..[/b ] and [i ]..[/i ] codes.

    Anyway - do it JUST LIKE a post =
    Open to see the Album Page where ALL your photos are stored as THUMBNAILS.

    You WANT to use a THUMBNAIL sized photo - anything else will be too big.

    Internet Expolrer users follow the steps given above^^
    NetScape Steps follow below:

    Go to your ImageStation album and Find the Thumbnail Photo you want to use,
    RIGHT-click on the Thumbnail; Click copy image location;
    Go back to the Signature message entry box;
    Type in [IM G]then Right-click, select PASTE;
    RIGHT-click again and watch the photo location address appear;
    immediately follow the address with the closing[/IM G]

    If you want more than one thumbnail in the sig - read carefully!
    Skip one or two spaces after the FIRST "closing [/IM G] thingy", then
    ON THE SAME LINE make another [IM G]thingy;
    go back to webshots and do all the Right-clicks on your next Thumbnail;
    come back to the sig entry block and Right-click PASTE the second thumbnail right
    after the second "opening[IM G] thingy";
    finish that address with another [/IM G].

    You can stack up 4 or 5 thumbnails ON THE SAME LINE IN the entry box -
    the box will just scroll across so you never run out of room.
    Just make certain that EVERY photo is enclosed in it OWN set of
    [IM G]&[/IM G] code brackets.

    This all takes a little trial and error experimenting.
    Go to the "try your sig here" post, in [General], I think, and practice away.
    Keep EDITING the same post in that topic so you don't fill the page with
    bad attempts. Every time you edit your sig and try a new arrangement,
    the sig will update in the post you're practicing on.
    ThumbNail example of the picture from above...

    The code line for this Thummy looks like this...
    d681ad51f6dd757/fca3b43d.jpg.thumb.jpg[/IM G]

    If you want to display a photo in the body of a post, use the next size larger
    photo - the one you'll get by clicking on the Thumbnail photo.

    Final Note:
    If you are on a ImageStation page, you do NOT want to *copy* the location in your
    browser window - which is showing the address of a ImageStation PAGE, not your photo.

    Usually, a Right-click on the actual Photo will get you a drop-down box with
    the choice of "Copy Image Location", which you select and click.
    No drop-down box? Can't *copy* and *paste* ? Try this:

    1) Highlight the address by holding down the mouse button and moving the
    pointer across the address you want to copy; release button.
    2) Depress & hold "CONTROL" key and the "C" keys at the same time; then release both.
    3) Move to where you want to insert or paste the address.
    4) Depress & hold "CONTROL" key and the "V" keys at the same time;
    the address should pop up in the new location

    OK, Folks; Picture Posting 101 class is over for tonight!
    If I've managed to totally confuse you ~ send me an
    e-mail at: [email protected] and I'll try to un-confuse you!

    << Phred; posting pixsurez

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    /s/ Phred, the "Dad" to Cinder & Smokey

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    RE-REVISION to Internet Picture Hosting Site Info...

    REVISED on 2/15/2003...

    The MSN sites, Tripod, and some of the other picture storage web sites
    ~NOW Including WebShots and Photogra
    will not allow photos stored on "their" sites to be viewed
    and displayed on BBS sites such as Pet Talk. It's probably covered
    somewhere in their "Terms & Conditions".

    There's an easy fix - Join up and establish an account at!
    You get started at:

    Once you open an account; open an album and upload [from your
    hard drive] any photos you want to share via e-mails or by
    posting on Pet Talk.
    THEN you use your ImageStation album to store the pictures you want
    to post on Pet Talk.

    As we speak, ImageStation does not openly object to folks posting
    photos stored on ImageStation. But everyone should understand
    that ImageStation *might* change this policy in the future.
    >>Just like WebShots AND Photogra did!<<


    Here's some information about using some of the *automatic*
    features found on the Pet Talk BBS...

    The "IMAGE" Push Button is one of the features available
    on Pet Talk that is just above the post entry Message box.
    Just above the message box is a Feature Box:
    *Labeled* "vB Code"

    In the vB Code box are push buttons that activate Bold,
    Italics, Underline, Link("http://"), and IMG (Image) features.

    When you activate a push button; a data entry box pops up where
    you can fill in the words you want made BOLD,
    in Italics, Underlined, or shown as an active Link, or as a Photo Image.

    For the adventuresome ~ you can use the "Enhanced Mode of vB Code" to *STACK* up MULTIPLE Effects like this:
    It's Bold, Italic, Underlined and Red!

    The CODE to do that was:
    [ B][ I][ U][ COLOR=red]It's Bold, Italic, Underlined and Red![/COLOR][/U][/I][/B]

    You're supposed to turn the features OFF in the reverse order that you turned thm ON in - first on = last off.

    The IMG button gives you a data box to paste in the
    photo address location. After you paste in the photo's address,
    click on the OK box to return to the message entry box. And you'll
    notice that the photo's address is AUTOMATICALLY wrapped
    inside the special [IM G] and [/IM G] code brackets.

    Like ~ it's just plain MAGIC!!

    The bold and italic buttons likewise put the [b] and [/ b] or
    the [i] and [/ i] brackets around whatever words you enter
    into the data box.

    Takes a bit of getting used to, but they're all pretty handy.

    Gotta watch for two things, though...

    * After you use the buttons, the durn cursor returns to the
    TOP of the message box - if you don't arrow back down to where
    you were in the message, you'll start erasing the top
    of your message. (Been there, dun that !!)

    * And the URL (link) and IMAGE (photo) buttons ALWAYS
    put their output at the BOTTOM of your message at the
    time you use them. You CAN highlight, cut, and paste the
    results back up into the middle of your post if you want to.

    Try 'em; you might find some of the feature buttons handy.

    << That's me, Phred

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    /s/ Phred, the "Dad" to Cinder & Smokey

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    hmm... interesting...

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    ANOTHER ~ MAJOR Update to the "Posting Pictures on Pet Talk" tutorials...

    We just did a ANOTHER Major Update of the "Posting Pictures on Pet Talk" tutorial (see above^^) ~
    (Latest Update Date = 2/15/2003)

    The references and examples of WebShots (R.I.P); and now Photogra, too (R.I.P); were changed to;
    and the feature button tutorial was corrected to reflect how the new Pet Talk software works.

    As always; if confused or frustrated ~ Dial up ol' Phred at:
    Phred's E-mail = [email protected] for help.

    << Editor Phred, hard?? at work...

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    /s/ Phred, the "Dad" to Cinder & Smokey

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    Phred, how can I concentrate on pic. posting 101 with those 3 precious faces smiling at me! Cinder, you are SO regal!! And Smokey, you have a look on your face that makes me weak in the knees!! And Phred, if you're half as good looking as G-Mom, NO WORRIES!!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Hm..thats a lot of stuffs..

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    Gee! Wow! ur really great at these things.
    I have to crawl to be able to learn all that.
    Phred, Thanks for all the tips.

    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~~Anatole France~~

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    Never has the Last word.
    I don't know if its the overload of pettalkers to or what but I can't reach the server.
    And I can't see any pics that have been posted.
    I understand how to do it, just have to find a place that will let me do it!
    Keegan 9/28/2001 to June 9, 2012
    Kylie (June 2000 to 5/19/2012)
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    Godspeed Phred and Gini you will be missed more than you ever know..

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    OK. thanks for all of your help. I believe the systme uses internte explorer. So, here goes.

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    that was a good idea, many people will appreciate it.

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    I also cannot see any of the pictures that were posted as examples

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    That's because, if you look at the original date it was posted, it was almost a year ago, and most of the photo-hosting sites have since changed their policy about letting users share their images from one site to the next. But the basic principles apply no matter where you have your pictures on the web.

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    "POSTING PICTURES on Pet Talk; class 101" ~ UpDated Again...

    We've done Another (the Third or Fourth - lost track...) UpDate of the *original* "POSTING PICTURES on Pet Talk; class 101" Tutorial ~

    ** Removed all references to WebShots and Photogra (R.I.P.)

    ** Referenced as
    ** the current Pet Talk friendly photo storage site...

    ** Repaired my Examples so they *display* again...

    ** and cleaned up a few typos...

    >> EVERYBODY say a lil Pet Talk *Prayer* that this revision doesn't *jinx* ImageStation!!<<


    << Editor *Phred* (wiff Sore Finnerz...)
    /s/ Phred, the "Dad" to Cinder & Smokey

    the Rescued & Adopted FurKids of *Phred*

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    Wow thanks, but still confusing. If you can, um how do you get the pics in the side like you have that one guy. Is it the same way? Im am new at this. Anyway thanks.
    Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lifes whole.

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    Originally posted by Cinder & Smoke
    First; here's the "Rules"...
    **the Maximum Size of your custom Avatar Image
    **is 60 by 60 pixels or 20,000 bytes
    **(whichever is smaller).

    Best way do make one the fits is to

    First: CROP the image to the smallest size you can - leaving only the part of the original image that you want to feature.

    Next: Use your resolution and/or Size Reduction software to Reduce the largest (either Vertical or Horizontal) dimension to 60 pixels, and a maximum of 20,000 bytes in size.
    Note: Change only the LARGER dimension to "60"; and let the software adjust the smaller dimension - to keep the picture's original HxW ratio intact and not distort the photo.

    Last: SAVE the image on your Hard Drive.
    Then tell Pet Talk the location of your newly reduced photo.

    Get back to us if you have any trouble.

    Scott is owned by 5 cats: Jackson, Fluffy, Twidgit, Ashton, Lexi;
    and 3 dogs: Eli, Sassee, Ginger

    Fuzzy317's Pictures

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