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Thread: Do your dogs howl?

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    I have a Beagle and a Boxer/Beagle mix ~ need I saw more? LOL
    Notes from the head Beagles! ;-)

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    Nope! Niño whines a lot though!

    Nio & Eliza

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    My first dog, my RB Angel Buddy, used to howl sometimes.
    The first time he did it was after I left him to go to work one
    day. It was the most pitiful howl I ever heard in my life. I had to
    go back inside the house to check on him because it was the
    first time I ever heard it. Sound like a wounded or lonesome

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    the only dog I had that howled was a tibetan spaniel cross.... he howls whenever he sees a bitch in season passed by

    thanks k9krazee for the signature!

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    Mine don't howl. I've even tried howling to try to get them to! They lool at me like I'm an idiot! Nebo is great at it, btw.
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    Kodie does!He has a very big,deep hound bark He loves talking to new people.He'll howl at little kids if they dont come up to pet him and he'll howl at other dogs when they dont come see him,lol and he'll howl at his favourite people,like this nice old man that he LOVES

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    Oh Amy what a great video! Of course when I was talking to Robin she made sure to point it out to me
    I love hearing him and can't wait to hear him do it in person

    Neither Bon nor Huney howl (Bon gruntsand Huney cries) but Roxey is a great howler. Her favorite time to howl is when daddy plays with her!

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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    ha ha... yes, he howls at fire engines. I think it's the cutest darn thing - like a little wolf!

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    LOL! that video is just adorable.

    Neither of my dogs howl accept........

    Rocky has howled loudly in his sleep and has
    scared me half to death.


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    I dont believe it, i was just about to start a thread about howling and saw yours strait away .

    Answering your question... Boy does Elvis howl, we have regular sing alongs. The last one was in the car on the way to the park last night, i swear people think i am killing him when he gets going at home though .

    My Brother found out about Elvies howling when he was uh "Singing" to him one day when he was a pup and it has gone on from there lol.

    So he is not "Flying Elvis" anymore he is "Singing Elvis".

    I will get a video up a little later.
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    AWW! LOL I love Nebo's howl!

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    Yes, Rex (GSD) will howl to barking dogs that he can't see, specially if it is a fight or the other dog is crying.

    One evening we went to a field and suddenly he began to howl, it was the first time he did. I tought it was scary but now I am used to it.
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