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Thread: Do your dogs howl?

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    Do your dogs howl?

    Do you have dogs that howl? What makes them howl? Nebo and Reggie both howl....very very occasionally they will do it when they are happy (like when I get home or something) but not much. Also if Nebo is in his crate and unhappy about it he'll let out some pretty awful howls/barks.

    Usually they will only howl if we howl with them. And we do (my parents and I) all the time...I bet the neighbors think we're nuts. I love howling with them. They'll "sing" songs with us too. They do a pretty good rendition of Happy Birthday, just ask Kay . Sydney will not howl but she will join in by barking.

    Nebo will also howl if Reggie and Sydney are barking. Just a few minutes ago they were both barking their heads off at something outside and they were interupted by this long mournful howl...Nebo just can't stand it when they are barking it makes him howl.

    Nebo has a really odd howl too...I don't really know how to describe check out the video (attached)
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    Samantha will do this really cute, frantic type of howl when she's outside and hears something but cannot see it. She throws her head back and in a very high-pitched girly howl goes, "Ah-WOOOOOOO! WOOO-WOOO-WOOO-WOOO-WOOOO!!!" It's really cute... except when it's like 1 o'clock in the morning...

    Other than that, she'll bark at things she CAN see when she's outside. Inside, she's pretty quiet unless I'm giving her a snack in which case, she knows my favorite command is "BOOF!" so she'll bark then.

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    Tango doesn't really hoel, she makes sort of a "woo wooo woooo" noise lol. I can't really explain it too well. Rb Echo howled whenver the fire alarm thing went off, but that's about it. Tia's never howled.

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    Nope, Blaze just BARKS!!

    Thanks Kay!!

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    lol Misty Roo's . everytime she stretches she goes "woo wooo woooo" in a high voice lol
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    Oh YES!!!! Sierra loooooves to howl at police or ems sirens when they go past the house, she also howls at trains when they blow their horns. (we live 1/2 mile from a track, so I get to hear her everyday!)

    When I get home from work, she'll follow me around the house for 10 or 15 minuets just howling at me. I like to think she's asking me how my day at work was, so I tell her, and keep her howling at me! I love it! My friends and family always love to hear her howl when they come over! I have her on video several times, but I've never tried uploading them to the internet, maybe I'll try it one day!
    She also likes to howl at me while I'm taking her picture!

    hard to see, but she was howling at my niece, and my niece would howl back... this went on for a while!!

    Howling at me because she thought I wa leaving her.

    Sierra howling at Rick

    She's a silly girl that loves to hear herself sing!!

    Buddy ...err... well he tries his best to howl along with her, but he sounds like he's being killed!!
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    OMG..I am sitting here laughing like crazy! I loved that video! Thank you so much for posting it. I was kind of having a bad day and feeling a bit down and then I came across this and I feel so much better! Thank you so much. I have played it over and over again. Tori has run up and sat beside calm and still though. Katie was sleeping on the floor, she didn't move from her spot but she is now in full alert mode. I just love it. I can't wait to show Alden and I can't wait to see that boy of yours.

    I was going to say that Katie is starting to howl a bit now, but after hearing Nebo, it is nothing like Hers is still more of a wooo woooo sound or maybe now it has changed to aarroooo! I don't think I have heard Tori howl yet. She just makes lots of funny noises. You know those funny husky

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    That is hilarious! Duke has never howled. Just barks like crazy when he sees someone. I played it over a couple of times, too.

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    nope Buster just barks but he's a coonhound my rb basset hound, Buddy did
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    Fenway howls when a police car or the fire trucks drive by. I get a good laugh out of it. When he was a puppy, I took him to a parade. When the police cars and the fire trucks drove by, they blasted their sirens and Fenway sat there and howled. Everybody got a good laugh. Unfotunately, we couldn't stay because he was afraid of the high school bands drums.

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    Oh Nebo! You are so adorable.

    I wish Kia would howl or woo woo woo like that, but alas she does not.

    She does a close mouthed high pitch whine when she really wants something or when she's bored.

    Sometimes in play, she'll do a low 'roo roo roo' like she's talking.
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    Oreo always howls when the police, ambulance, or fire trucks go by with their sirens on. I have always felt sorry for him when this happens, because I have always thought it's because the sirens hurt his ears.

    Is this correct? (I see other people on here seem to think it's humorous when their dogs howl when the police or fire trucks or ambulances go by with their sirens on.) Is it possible that the sirens aren't hurting his ears? What other reason would he have to howl when he hears sirens nearby? That's the only time he ever does it.
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    Nebo is so cute!

    Neither of my dogs howl.

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    Soapets, I don't think it hurts Fenway's ears (at least I hope not). Sometimes I'll pretend to howl and he howls back so I'm thinking he's more attracted to the noise. Fenway will hear the sirens about a 1/2 mile away and he'll stand at attention and howl. I'll have to check the internet to see if I can find anything about it.

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