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Thread: Pets from the past, post pictures!

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    Oct 2003
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    The sweetest girl ever..

    My first dog, love of my life, best friend and my most valued posession... Brooke, who died a few days after knee surgery (from a perforated intestine, though we aren't sure what caused it). Poor girl, we had no idea going in..

    She died at 7 1/2. It will be 1 year in May, but it was yesterday in my heart.
    Riley's Dogster page

    Thanks Ashely!

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    Everyone has some BEAUTIFUL dogs! I'll bet they are all having an excellent time playing together at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Luckies4me, odd eyed dals are somewhat common. I had one. I'm not going to post mine because I don't know where they are or wether they are still alive.

    Niño & Eliza

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    This is one of the best ideas for a thread I've seen! I will have to do some diggin' for some pictures of my childhood dog "Happy"!

    Thanks Lexi_Lover

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    Glad everyone is enjoying this.
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    Some pictures of Bandit, the dog I had growing up...

    An adult...

    A puppy...

    He was an angel....I will miss him always....

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    Here's a picture from Christmas 1982, I believe. The little girl in the picture is me and the dog in the front of the picture is our family dog, Rags. He was a mutt my dad rescued from the alleys of Baltimore and he turned out to be the greatest dog. The only bad thing about him was his breath. My dad always said "Rags could knock a buzzard off a sh!t wagon at 50 paces". LOL

    RIP, Raggie... Spring 1977 - July 9, 1993

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    This is a picture of Mickey and Simon, the first dogs Carl and I had together. We got Mickey in New Jersey - his mother was a weimeraner and his dad a beagle. We got Simon in Arizona (Carl was in the Army and those were his first two posts). We had them until after I had Rob so I guess for about 4 or 5 years. But then I got sick, Amy was just 2 and Carl was working and going to school so we had to give them away. I physically could not handle the dogs and the kids all day by myself. It still makes me sad to think about them - maybe that is why I adopt dogs that no one else wants!!!


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