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Thread: I thought I would share some pictures of my past pets~

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    I thought I would share some pictures of my past pets~

    This was Nibbles my first hamster. He was very young in this picture. <3

    This is nibbles again. He was very old in this picture about 4 or 5yrs old. <3

    My very first pet, Her name was Mindy. <3

    and last but not least, this was Dewy, I pick him out of a litter of lots, she was the runt~ <3

    I wish I had more picture to show you. Sorry for boring ya! hehe but hope you liked them!~

    <3R.I.P my furbabies!<3

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    Oops! I just noticed that I said Dewy was a boy!! nope *she*is a girl!!
    **I must have been thinking of Nibbles**

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    Let me try that picture again.


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    Lovely pets. It is just so sad that their lifes are so short

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    Yeah its terribly sad

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