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Thread: Honey Bunny

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    Honey Bunny

    What a cute lop you are Bun Bun. (Did you get your nickname from sluggy freelance by any chance?)

    Congrats on being POTD!
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    Congratz, Bun Bun!

    You are lucky to have an owner that loves you that much! It sounds like you have a great life now!
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    Ohhh Bun Bun, you are just as cute as can be! I enjoyed so very much reading about your adoption, and how with patience, love, and understanding, your human helped to bring you out of your shell. Now you have a real life, outside of that confining cage, and your curiosity and confidence shines so much that it sometimes gets you into trouble . Life for you is what it was meant to be now Honey Bunny, a loving forever home that gives you the care and nurturance you deserve. Thank God for people like your guardian, with gentle patience, open and loving hearts, and the strong determination it takes to give a rescued animal the life he/she deserves. The reward of seeing your personality bloom and grow must have been all your human could have hoped for!

    Sweet little Bun Bun, I hope you have an especially wonderful day today with all kinds of treats and celebration to laud of all the strides you have made to become the outgoing and affectionate bunny you are today. Congratulations on being our most PRECIOUS Pet of the Day!
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    Awww, just look at that adorable face! Just as your name would have us believe Honey Bunny, you are one sweet, sweet bunster How wonderful that your sad and lonely days of cage confinement are but a distant memory! Yes, it took a little time and patience and a lot of love, but before long your confident, sparkling personality emerged and well, just look at you now Of course the world outside your cage was a big, scary place at first but in no time, you had the world (and your humans) in the palm of your paw!!!

    Many thanks to your committed and caring human for giving you a second chance at life! I know you reward her devotion daily with your joyful spirit and love. It never ceases to amaze me how willing and able you once neglected or abused critters are to forgive the past and open your hearts up to another! And don't tell your Mom, but I got a good laugh when I read of your great "TP" caper," a sure sign of a happy, well adjusted critter! I think all of us furmoms have "been there!"

    It was pleasure to make your acquaintance, darling Honey Bunny! I hope that you and your proud person enjoy many, many more happy, goofey, warm and fuzzy, love filled years together! Yay, Honey Bunny, our most precious PET OF THE DAY! Enjoy your well earned day on center stage and have a super fun day of celebration!
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    Bun Bun
    How adorable you are!
    I'm so glad you have a wonderful loving home and family now, sweetie. You certainly deserve a lot of happiness!
    Congratulations on being our very deserving Pet of the Day today!
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    What a cute bunny! Congrats Honey!

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