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Thread: Honey Bunny

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    Honey Bunny

    If you ever read all of the dog discussion, you know I love the name "Honey" and we call our Honey, Honey Bunny, all the time! I am so amazed at how people can domesticate rabbits to run free in their homes. I think Honey Bunny is just beautiful and sounds like a wonderful pet. I refuse to let my daughter see her as she is dying for a rabbit. I don't think I can take on one more pet! Congratulations Honey Bunny! You are one special girl!

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    What an adorable buddy!

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    I agree with everyone! I too envy all those of you with bunnys who have the run of the house! She must be a sight playing co-pilot in the car! Honey is just as soft and cuddly looking as a bunny can be! (Her bow is sooo sweet.) I think Honey is one very special girl! Sweet hugs to Honey, Pet of the Day!!!!

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    Dearest Honey Bunny

    You certainly are a most beautiful little friend. You are obviously very intelligent & know how to get your needs met as well as look after your human. Congratulations on being a perfect Pet of the Day!

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