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Thread: The dogs went for a swim today...

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    The dogs went for a swim today...

    Atleast Josie did. Forgive my typing, I can barely move lol.

    Anyway. So we got anotherhuge blizzard yesterday that lasted all day..and night...and morning. So we have an ungodly amount of snow. I don't remember having this much ina while. -_-

    The dogs fence was completely buried in most parts so I had to dig it out so they couldn't jump (walk over) it if/when the snow hardens. So there I am, digging away. The roads haven't even been plowed yet so I figure Zeke can run free on the other side. (he didn't go anywehre...the snow was to deep ) And of course Josie wanted out too, so I stuck her over in the deep end and she started SWIMMING lol. It was so funny. I wish I had my cam with me but alas, I was shovelling. She quickly decided she did ACTUALLY want out and returned to the inside.

    Then, I decide I did enough, I turn around and fall backwards into the snow bank. I'm like trying to get up when Zeke rushes over (To help!!! or so I thought. ) He is jumping on my and getting right in my face so I couldn't get up at all!!! So I was stuck there in the bank till he ran off to play with Jo. I tried to tell himt o get off, but I was laughing to hard.

    So I get inside and I can't feel my legs AT ALL. I sware, I couldn't feel them. Eek.

    Anyway, my pointless thread of the day. I need sleep now.

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    I can picture Josie "swimming" right now! lmbo!! Now, even if the snow is 10 feet deep and you have to shovel your way out...take the camera! lol

    Oh, and I hope your thawed out ok too! bbrrrrr.....
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