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Thread: **Met my friend's dogs today =D**

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    **Met my friend's dogs today =D**

    Today I met my friend's dogs! They're people who take in dogs of all sorts and kinds. They have a wolf/husky who is the sweetest little (BIG actually) dog and jumped on me a few times trying to give me a few kisses on the nose He's blackish grey with a few white marks to resemble the husky. They have a husky/golden retriever who is white with soft shaggy ears. He's got 3 legs but had no trouble following me around licking my fingers^^ My favorite of their three is a rather large orangish colored Cocker Spaniel named Buddy... he was the first the greet me with sweet ears and a few licks on the hands. Then he followed me around the rest of the time I was there
    Man I love her dogs!!

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    wow, thats cool that she has alot of dogs just like you. Cant wait to see pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarahGirl1995
    wow, thats cool that she has alot of dogs just like you. Cant wait to see pics.
    Oh crap forgot to get pics but maybe next time

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