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Thread: Picking out the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses

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    Picking out the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses

    With the upcoming Bridal Shows I wanted an idea of what to look for when it came to style and color.

    I picked out a color and style for my bridesmaids dresses and 4 out of the 5 love it! (My one sister hasn't said either way, but mom suspects she'll like it) Am I lucky or what? *grins* My bridesmaids rock!

    I decided on Periwinkle for the color. Here's the dress in that color:

    Here are my top two choices for a wedding gown.

    Gown #1

    Gown #2

    Gown 1 is traditonal yet unique. Gown 2 is similar to the bridesmaid dress. Of course everything can change once I start trying them on. I look forward to that.

    We'll see if the ones I picked are on special at the Bridal Shows. That would be so awesome.

    What do ya'll think?
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    The bridesmaid dresses are perfect. That's the color I wore for my boyfriend's sister’s wedding when I was a bridesmaid. It looks good on a lot of skin colors/types. I love the first wedding gown, but they are both beautiful . I'm so excited for you
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    I love the color of your bridesmaid dress! Its a beautiful color that any skin tone could pull off well.

    I like dress #2 better - I'm more along the lines of "simple is better"... you want YOU to radiate on your wedding day, not the dress!

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    Periwinkle is my favorite color!!! Great choice! I like #2 Personally.


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    They're beautiful! I love the color periwinkle.

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    I love them all! The first gown is beautiful, but I think I like the second better, it goes so well with the bridesmaids dresses, and like Kim says, you want YOU to shine, not the dress. I remember way back when, when I was planning a wedding, I bought a dress that was simple, yet elegant, and I still believe that is the way to go. Some just go way over board with floofy and flouncy and gauzy and eewww.... You can never go wrong with simple yet elegant, and I think you're definitely on the right track with these choices.

    And trying on is SO fun! Be sure to have at least 2 or 3 of the girls with you, along with your mom. Some of them you will know the second you slip into it that it's the way wrong one, but you will all get a good laugh out of it. I was going to wear a hat instead of a veil. Well...we were in tears when my maid of honor tried on a hat I wanted her and the bridesmaids to wear! She most definitely does NOT do hats well, and we laugh about it to this day.
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    One future bride to another Kimmy. I would go with number 2. Simple and elegant are the way to go. I'm still fiddling with the bridesmaids dresses, but this is my wedding dress. Its the one with the short sleeves.
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    Thanks for the input gals!

    Renae, I was looking at patterns at JoAnn Fabrics around November and I loved that style! (I like the long sleeves too. )
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    I like both dresses but #2 probably more. I love the bridemaid's dress. My nieces wore periwinkle in my wedding. Great color....

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    They are both beautiful but I like number 2 just a little better. The bridesmaid's dresses are really nice.
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    Your bridesmaid's dresses are beautiful and I would go with dress #2, also.
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    Kimmy, they are all lovely, and I know you will look lovely in either of those dresses. I was so worried about having bare arms (don't have the most toned arms in the world ) that I insisted on long sleeves both times. The first time, I could have probably gotten away with sleeveless. The 2nd time, NOT!!! You're young and lovely and will look beautiful in anything you wear!!!

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    I like dress #1 better, as it is still simple, but not quite as similar to the bridesmaids dresses. Empire-waist bridal gowns always make me think of the two pregnant brides whose weddings my Mom played for years ago, the empire waist is theoretically good for "disguising" pregnancy, or at least keeping nosier relatives guessing, so I'm probably just biased against dress #2 for that reason!

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    What a fun time in your life--enjoy it

    I love the bridesmaid dresses, and as far as the bridal gowns go, I like #2 better, but, like you said, who knows what will happen once you actually see them in person!!!
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    wow, thats awesome. I love the bridesmaid dress! Looks gorgeous! and I like the 1st dress better! both of them are pretty though.

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