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Thread: Josie and Wilmarbob-long waited memorial

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    Josie and Wilmarbob-long waited memorial

    most of you probably don't know,but i had a bunny a couple years ago. i hadn't planned on getting one, but when i was at the petstore i saw this little white dwarf bunny. he was streaked with blood and was missing part of his nose and ear. the reason he was in this condition is cause he was in a cage with 4 much bigger rabbits. they were beating up on him. i told the employees and they just told me that they were just playing and that wasn't blood it was food.(they had no red food) i looked at my dad. i felt so sorry for this little bun that was gonna die in this petstore. dad's reaction was NO WAY!....we left the store with the beat up bunny.

    i named her Josie and i nursed back to health. because of what those big mean bunnies did to her he lived with only about 3/4 the ear on his right ear, he could never do that cute little nose twich thing they do, and he was always really scared.

    i few months later i found myself another bunny pulling at my heart strings. her name was Wilmarbob. don't ask me how i got the name i was 12. that's when we found out that Josie was a JOEY!

    Willmarbob got bigger and bigger and was about to give birth when she up and died. not sure what happend,but i was very unhappy. josie was her mate and he died not long after because he missed his buddy and just stopped eating.

    i hated that i only had a short 2 years with them. i'm sure they are happily at the RB now.
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    Rest in Peace, Josie and Wilmarbob

    I'm so sorry for what happened. Your wonderful rabbits were obviously very special to you. Josie is very lucky that you found him and saved him. You gave him and Wilmarbob a great life. Always remember the love they gave you, and all the good times. I know the pain of losing a pet, but just know that they are together in heaven now, forever watching over you!

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    What a sweet memorial to two very special bunnies. RIP Josie and Wilmarbob. You were very much loved.
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