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Thread: Memorial Day Memorial for Phred is Coming Up Fast

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    Memorial Day Memorial for Phred is Coming Up Fast

    For those people who seldom or never check out meetings, I want to remind people that the Memorial Day Dog Park Gathering in Findlay, OH is coming up fast. Phred's sister Nancy will be there as well as his good friends, Pat and Joan, and we will be burying ashes and honoring Phred in other ways. Many said they would like to come to this meeting but not many have posted they will be there. I know things come up but for those making and buying things we really need to know if you are coming.

    The Park Director has okayed the burial of ashes as long as we don't make a big deal of it. I have bought a rock to mark the spot - it will be engraved - In Loving Memory/John Morris/Phred/From Your Pet Talk Family. and hopefully a small picture of the head of a German Shepherd will be on it as those are the kind of dogs he seemed to favor. It will be placed in a small (very small) wooded area in the Dog Park.

    Nancy is talking of donating money toward something that is needed in the dog park. I went out in the cold and rain last night to walk the dog park with the new director to get some ideas. I will be talking with Nancy as to what she feels the money should go towards. If any one would like to donate money towards the rock or towards the memorial for the park, please let me know. The rock with the engraving was $250 so I wouldn't mind some help in paying for it.

    I was thinking of putting some pictures together so if anyone has some of Phred, they can send them to me and I can either use them in a slide show or scrapbook - I know I am late in planning this but if there is one thing I am good at it is procrastinating!

    I love our dog park meetings but hate thinking about saying goodbye to Phred again.

    "That they may have a little peace, even the best
    dogs are compelled to snarl occasionally."
    --William Feather

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    I'd be happy to chip in towards the stone. Haven't really found any pics of Phred that I like so to speak. He had a way of avoiding my camera. lol
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    I thought more people would be coming too. I'll donate for the stone I'm assuming its still the same address as before?

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