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    Dudley is gone- he got out of the house this evening. My dad is a giant stupid @*%!^# $*@&$# and doesn't shut the door tightly- so the cats can pry it open and get out. This has happened many times before, but luckily they never got away. My mom and I have SCREAMED at him time and time again to make sure he shuts the door tightly behind him- but he is borderline braindead and cannot follow directions. No, I don't regret what I am saying about him- because it is 100% true. The "door" I am referring to is the garage door. We have an attached garage, the little door going from the house to the garage is hard to close tightly. My dad got home around 8 o'clock, came through the garage door, and didn't shut it tight. The large garage door was open, the cats pried it open, Sammy stuck around the garage (he is good and sticks around) and Dudley took off- like always. We looked everywhere with flashlights and he is nowhere to be found. We looked in the neighbors yards too- not there.

    He has to come back- he won't make it two weeks into winter. Wisconsin winters are brutal, he has no body fat once so ever, no front claws for catching food or defending himself, we are 3 houses down from a buisy road, across the street from a swamp full of foxes and coyotes- there is no way he will make it. He does have his collar on and he is microchipped. I just hope he comes back into the garage since it is cold outside- we left the large garage door open so he can get in the garage if he's around.

    I don't know what else to do!? I feel bad, I feel like such an irresponsible pet owner. I really wish it was acceptable to smack your dad- my dad deserves it, straight up, he's let the cat out multiple times and still hasn't learned. I just want to knock him upside the head with a 2x4. He should know better- g'damn he is an adult not a toddler.

    God, I feel so numb, I keep picturing him in the cold WI winter burried in snow.

    Please pray that Dudley turns up somewhere- maybe he's just hiding some place real good in the house- I sure hope so.
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    Please come home Dudley ... and until then, I hope Dad feels really bad! No, I shouldn't say that, accidents do happen, and I am sure your Dad already feels bad enough!
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    OH NO!
    Dudley please come home!! Your mommies are very worried about you!
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    Oh no!! I hope you find Dudley soon, or he comes back!!

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    I'm so sorry Hopefully Dudley will show up soon.
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    Come home soon Dudley!!!!!
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    Mom tried looking- no kitty.

    I went out there with the night vision scope- it works WONDERFULLY but there was no Dudley, if there was there was no way you could not see him- that thing is awesome (never used it before), I wish it found Dudley for me.

    Where is he!?!
    LAURA {Human}, FRANNY {Boxer}, PEANUT, BUSTER, & NIBBLES {Rabbits}

    Thanks Roxyluvsme13!

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    I'm so sorry to hear that Dudley's missing. Please come home soon Dudley!!!! Hopefully he'll return home by morning. Good luck and please keep us updated.
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    Jen (Pay It Forward) has written a great article on how to find your lost cat.

    Read it here

    Hope this helps. Good luck finding Dudley
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    Oh my gosh. Dudley!! Come back home!!!!

    Oh Laura, I hope your sweet kitty will find his way back home as soon as possible.

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    I'm so sorry he's missing Pls. come home, Dudley.

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    Oh no......... Dudley, you've got to come home.

    Please Lord, watch over Dudley and show him the way home.

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    He's back!

    The little stinker - I waited up for him as long as I could, but I finally fell asleep about 12:30. My husband got up at 5 and went to all the doors again, calling for him and shaking a treat can, but no sign of him. I got up at 5:30, and my husband was sitting on the couch looking really dejected, saying there was still no sign of Dudley. I walked over to the door leading to the garage (I had left the overhead door open all night), opened it, and a certain extremely NAWTY striped kitty casually sauntered out from under my car and into the house. Grrrrrrrrrrr! He was immediately punished with a lot of hugs and kisses and sent to bed (he's curled up right now next to the heat vent in the office, washing in between his back toes ).

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    I'm so happy to hear that Dudley is home safe and sound!

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