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Thread: Carpet licking!?!?

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    Carpet licking!?!?

    Ok,, this new puppers of mine has a thing for my carpets,,, he licks and tries to nibble it all the time,,, I have never used a cleaner on it as it is very new yet... I have used a carpet freshner tho in the past.... could that be whats attracting him? He has lots of chewing toys,,,,, it isnt from lack of those for sure!!

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    Sammie licks the carpet as well especially at my friend's house. She does it to clean it cause my friend has a 4 yr old and they drop EVERYTHING on the carpet.

    NOT that I'm saying you have dirty carpets. Maybe he's never been on a carpet?? heehee
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    thats possible.... My carpets are like brand new practically,, only @ a year old.. tops..... we dont spill stuff on it so I dunno..... this is the most action my carpets have seen,, since the wee one arrived.. We will be cleaning very soon.... just to keep ontop,, but no accidents today yet... YAY

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    Kodie licks the carpet all the time!! its really anoying b/c he makes this really gross sound and its loud too!! its usually where we've cleaned up a stain or a mark.i cant get him to stop!
    lol,i dont know why they do it.

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    I have a carpet licker too--Kito

    It took me a while, but I finally figured out what he was doing. He would always jam himself into a corner in the bedroom and lick the carpet near the dresser, or in the living room (when we still had carpet there) under the coffee table. I realized that he was doing it after I dusted--some of the Pledge or Endust must have gotten on the floor a little bit Not good for him, I'm certain, but it never stopped him--he is a little weirdo though!!!
    Emily, Kito, Abbey, Riley, and Jada

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