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Thread: Neutering a 2 year old cat -

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    Neutering a 2 year old cat -

    I am thinking about taking my friends cat when they move away. He is a delightful 2 year old male but he has only recently been neutered. Will he continue to "spray" to mark territory and so forth now that he has been "fixed"? Is there a critical period for neutering? Or will that type of behaviour cease? What can I expect? He has had kittens. Thanks in advance for any advice on this matter.

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    When we got Butter, at the age of 3-4 (we don't know), he was not neutered. I had it done immediately, and I have NEVER had a problem with him spraying. Maybe he is an exception to the rule, but hopefully your new cat will be just fine.

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    Rudie likes to 'pretend' he's doing it, but there's never anything coming out. Before he was neutered, he was marking all over the house. I think in his case, it's simply a habit.
    I know many neutered male cats continue their marking, much to the discomfort of the owners.

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    Spencer's got it!!! Territory is the key - if he needs to compete he may continue to spray. I've known a lot of people who have this problem and the only resolution was to make him an outdoor cat or a single pet cat.

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    Do you know if your friend's cat accepts other cats currently? If it is an only cat and doesn't tolerate others now, it likely will continue acting out when its neutered - and might have a spraying problem...

    I adopted a 2+ yr old tom from the pound and he was fixed immediately - we never had any problem at all with spraying or territory. I was very lucky. I hope this goes well for you too!
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