Red – Big Red – Mr. Red

We first saw Red in our yard about 7 months ago. It was awhile before I realized he had just one eye; then noted he was also neutered. So, of course, he had a family and was just visiting – right? And he was just too healthy looking to be a stray. Then the snow started to pile up, and I realized his tracks didn’t leave our yard. He was spending the nights on our back porch, and the days under our front deck.

I put out flyers in mail boxes; put some up in local grocery stores; took another to the Humane Society; passed others out to all the Veterinarians in the area. Finally we took him to our Vet – unfortunately he was not chipped. But our Vet did a cursory physical, tested him for FeLV and FIV (negative), figured he was about 7 years old.

We decided to find him a forever home – but before doing that, we treated him to a Day at the Spa. Dropped him off at the Vet one morning, and he had dental work – needed an extraction; got his ears cleaned and nails clipped; had his first immunizations; got a chip – and had a bath and blow-dry! He had a wonderful time!

Well, as time goes by, we fall under his spell, and decide that this is his home. And he gives us no argument. All this time, for lack of anything better, we’ve been calling him Red. I tried to change it – but he would have no part of anything but Red.