This one offsets the 'attack' story I posted a few days ago.....

I have been religious in my attempt to walk the neighborhood to run the errands that I need to tend to.

I have become reaquainted with the area and all the people, houses and pets.

Especially the pets.

There are the dogs, cats and some homes that have bird cages on the porch.

One of my favorite houses is one with a rather large 'stain' on the sidewalk. The stain is from the piles of catfood that the owner leave on the concrete for the cats. I have walked by a few cats on the sidewalk munching on the treats....but, I digress.

About a week ago I was walking down the street and noticed some kids playing on the lawn of their house while a Golden Retriever chased a tennis ball near them.

As I passed I looked at the dog and made eye contact with it....The dog jumped on the tennis ball and ran toward the corner of the fence. This dog is going to go crazy in a moment...... I have learned that if a dog runs to the fence, they are going to begin to bark. I also have learned to not to pay attention to them when they do! I just ignore them and keep on walking.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the dog get to the corner of the fence. Just as I waited for the first bark? I saw a snout peek out from the fence and then a faded green, spit soaked tennis ball rolled to a stop in front of me.

I'd have to be stupid not to know what THAT was all about!

I looked over and made eye contact again.

Nope, I ain't no Doolittle or Ace Ventura...but, I like to believe I have a little bit of the animal magnetism in me?

What I read in the dog's face was something like, "Stupid, pick up the ball and play with me!"

I began to laugh. When I picked up the ball the dog reacted like any dog with a game on it's mind.

I gave it a good toss into the opposite part of the yard and went on my way.

I thought about seeing if the dog wanted to play a little more, but with the kids at the other end of the lawn I didn't want to take the chance of anyone thinking I was a there, checking out the kids!

It only took a few seconds for it all to happen, and it was such a random incident, but I am still smiling about it days later.