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Thread: Miniature or Dwarf Cats?

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    Miniature or Dwarf Cats?

    I Know this is going to sound Really Stupid, but here goes. I recently got 2 kittens from a woman who swore they were miniature...the parents were only 4#, full grown, but weren't around for me to see, since she was moving...I guess I got taken. When I went to the vet, it turned out they were just really, very Young (ca. 3 wks). But, they are still small now at 13 wks; apx. 2# to 3#, respectively. Now, I wonder if there May be such a thing as a miniature cat? Or is there some inherited disease that makes them small? They have had some pb. with diarrhea, which the vet treated quickly (only a few days), and ringworm, which is being treated. May this affect their growth?

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    Thanks for your consideration!! These are not Munchkins---that breed has short legs. These 2 little ones are perfectly formed, just small. My daughter lives in the area these came from, though she got hers from a local pet shop that gets its little DSH (Not pedigreed) kittens from local people, and her little kitty is between 5-6# full grown (2+ years old), tiny and very healthy. It is just so darling!! She's about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of my daughter's Himalayan tom, looks like a kitten next to him! That's why when I saw the ad, I thought these might have been for real---I figured these were probably from the same stock, so to speak. I guess time will tell? One is an orange/cream tabby female, orange eyes, white markings on chin & a spot on her chest, she's the bigger of the 2; the male is a black/white tuxedo, gold eyes, white front toetips and back feet, white chest, ruff like a bowtie under the chin, little splash on the chin & stripe down the nose (right side).
    I have been trying to find if there is a guide to expected size/weight for kittens at given ages, but have not been successful. The vet said it's just too variable. He also said that sometimes cats are born FLV+, which can make them small, so they should be checked. I'll have that done next week. Also said that some cats have a ?vein? around their liver? that impedes growth and can require surgery, but that's not very common.
    Any help on finding a growth chart would be appreciated!

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    You are right that there really is no norm in kitten growth. At four months one of mine was already 8 pounds, as big as his mom, and grew to be 20 pounds. One of his sisters at four months was 5 pounds, a little big, and is now 13 pounds, pretty large for a female. The runt was only 3 pounds, and is now 9. But their mom is the smallest of the all, only 8 pounds, which is actually average for a female cat. At 3 months, your cats are really quite average in size, especially the 3 pound one.

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    Even though cats don't vary in size like dogs do, they still come in a wide range at various ages. I have two adult cats, one 17 lbs and one 6 lbs

    Since you've been to the vet, I assume your kittens have been checked for heart problems too. My smaller cat has a heart murmur which is partly why he never got very big.

    Sorry we can't help much with size guidelines for your kittens... The only "rule" my vet ever used was "Are they growing and are they healthy?" Best wishes to your little babies!

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    That's amazing! I had no idea that the growth & development was So Variable!!
    Yes, pending the results of the FLV test, vet says they are both healthy. I had worried that the boy had vision & hearing pbms., but vet let me know he was OK---just due to being so very young; probably either a different (week younger) litter or the runt. Since the woman apparently moved that night, there was no way of getting back to her to try to determine the truth (real birthdate, etc.) Now, except for being much smaller than his 'sis', he's fine.
    Thanks for all your info!!

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    Teacup persians already exist ! They weigh 3 or 4 pounds once full-grown. I am getting one next summer It will be funny to see this 3.5 pound fluffy kitty with my HUGE Ragdoll I will call my small persian "Minhibou". (Mini + hibou (owl in french, because persians look like owls to me) = Minhibou ).

    There are 4 teacup persians breeders in the United-States for the moment. here's one of the catteries' website (absolutely wonderful website, by the way !! : --> Cozy Kittens Cattery's micro-kitties are sold $2000, and the waiting list is filled to the very brim !

    My teacup persian will come from "Chatterie Emeraude", not too far from my city, in Québec. Their price is more friendly : $500...

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, xikum :D

    My vet said how they are looked after and feed in the first weeks/months of life, also affect their size.

    My Milly at upcomin up to two years old, who spent the first 7 months of her life on the streets is the same size as Tigs our 6 month Tom kitten who was shelter raised on good food.

    Our feral kitten Bramble who spent the first 7 weeks outside is smaller than Tigs (but he is a tom who are bigger anyway.)

    Cats vary.

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    Sometimes it's just genes. We have three adult Ruddy Abys in the family. An 18-month old female weighs almost 6 pounds. An adult 3 year old male is just over eight pounds and an 8 year old male weighs in at 12 pounds. We also have a 3 year old female Tabby since she was born who weighs 6 pounds, 4 ounces. All are exceedingly active and healthy.

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