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Thread: wierd cat sound, what's it mean?

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    wierd cat sound, what's it mean?

    Hello everyone. I have a question, maybe someone has an answer, as my cats are keeping silent on this. When my indoor cats see a bird outside, they make this wierd "chirping" noise. Anyone know what this sound is supposed to mean?They don't become aggressive to the birds, they just sit crouched on the floor making that strange sound, like they are talking to the bird. Someone please help me clear up this mystery?

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    It's normal. Whenever my cats see a bird outside they start cackling at it. It's funny to watch them. It's nothing to worry about, trust me. My cats do it ALL the time!!

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    Purrrrfectly normal as Moosmom says. My Speckles does it all the time.
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    It seems to be a universal thing with cats, every cat that has lived with me does this. Some cats just chirp, while others really get into it with a meow along with the cackling, and they hold their mouth open, then shut it like it is a nervous tick or something. I love my cats, just 2 nights ago my tiger cat Angel and I were watching TV, when Angel's attention was distracted to something crawling across the floor toward me. It was a 5 inch CENTIPEDE!! If Angel had not have seen this bug, I might have been stung. Can you imagine one of these beasts getting in bed with you?Last year that happened, another centipede, but smaller, was caught by my bed lounging cat. Well, I'm glad both my cats share my bed(like I have a choice). Thanks for the replies, I hope my centipede story didn't scare you, but it is a true story..:>)

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    I think this is the kitties' "I want that sooo bad" sound. Checkers does it too, a lot, for birds at our feeder. As an indoor kitty he spends a lot of time watching his "cat tv" through the window. Or maybe he's window shopping

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    Diamond has started doing that at feeding time. She'll sit there and chirp and make "mrowp" sounds. It is so cool!
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    Kitty chirps, meowrps and that oh-so-cute cackling sound mean the cat is REALLY thrilled and yes, I too, think it's an "I want that SO bad" sound! They're so vocally expressive, aren't they?

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    What are the wierd sounds cats make, and my cat nailing a Centipede picture

    I wanted to show off my cats latest catch.Please click on the attachment. My girl calico "Sweetie" caught this last night and put it at the foot of the bed. It's a huge centipede, it's the same one last night I threw out the window and I thought it was dead, but it came back! Sweetie has a habit of "warming" the bed a few hours before I retire for the night. She is a true watchcat, another reason I love cats
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    Fifi chirps like that all the time. An ascending trill when she comes into the room to ask you a "question" and a descending one if she thinks that the answer might be no.

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    Originally posted by RedHedd
    Kitty chirps, meowrps and that oh-so-cute cackling sound mean the cat is REALLY thrilled and yes, I too, think it's an "I want that SO bad" sound! They're so vocally expressive, aren't they?
    Pixel makes that sound when she is chasing the laser pointer, it's SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

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    The chirping sound is strange, seems bird sightnings trigger it off in my indoor cats. Caterwauling at 2am makes me shiver. Such a primeval sound, they sound like a baby crying sometimes. This is a webcam picture of my huge tabby, I think he is attached by velcro sometimes.
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    extreme self confidence for a cat

    I needed this picture when I had the Poll going about cats appealing to intellects.........Funny picture, check it out
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