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Thread: My dog is SO wierd!

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    My dog is SO wierd!

    Well, my son's dog, actually. Zeke has the strangest habit, more like an obsession, actually.

    If he has a bone or rawhide, he MUST chew on it ... ON someone. He will NOT give up. He will put the bone on my shoe if I'm standing up, and proceed to chew. If I move, he gets up and moves, and puts it back on my shoe. Repeat 14,000 times, as I'm walking around the kitchen cooking dinner.

    If you are sitting down, he puts it in your lap. No amount of pushing or scolding works, he just wags his tail, looks at me with that happy, somewhat vacant deer-in-the-headlights looks, and puts it back in my lap and proceeds to chew. He will lean it up against my leg if he can't reach my lap, or if all else fails, against my chair.

    Anyone will do if he can't reach me. Family, friends, strangers, repairmen ... all get a slimy, wet rawhide chewed on their shoe or in their lap. While I have been typing this, he has dropped a disgusting, slimy smoked knuckle bone in my lap and onto my foot approximately 100 times.

    He is such a wierdo! Do you think he is sharing? Anyone else have an odd dog that does this, obsessively?
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    I have no idea but I got a good laugh, that is hysterical!
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    YESSS!!! Kyra does it and it's ANNOYING! Whats worse is if she wants to chew on a water bottle on you while you watch a movie. I can't stand it, but my mom lets her do it on her.

    If Mom isn't home she'll use unsuspecting strangers. She doesn't even like most people but has learned that they tolerate her nonsense the best.

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    Never had a dog do that but he is adorable! Love the second pic with one ear flapped back.

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    kinda of.. hehe.. not actually chewing.. but Roger has to be over my feet whenever he can.. he sits or lays there as if where his bed.. silly pup.. as for chewing he has to be within 2 feet from me EVERYTIME
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    A dog that we used to have always thought he had to have a dog biscuit near him at all times. even though he sometimes didnt eat them that day. if someone picked it up or moved it to a location where he didnt see it or smell it,, he would of always pestered the living day lights out of someone until they either gave him back his previous biscuit or until someone got him a new one LOL

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    How cute! Boomer prefers to chew on his bone while lying across my lap, but these days he's happy to go anywhere where Sooner, the puppy, won't steal it from him!!
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    Delta doesn't do it obsessively... but if she wants someone to pay attention or play with her, she will squeak her toys on us and occasionally nip us on accident. lol We hate it.
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