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    Congrats on being chosen "Dog of the Day"!, Nikki! You're a combo of two of my favorite breeds -- no wonder you're a great dog!

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    Nashville, TN
    What a kind face you have sweet Nikki! And you seem to be bubbling over with personality. All of my dogs too have eaten quite nicely off of forks. That's a wonderful talent!

    Have a most special day sweetheart! Mwah.

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    Wow, you are just beautiful Nikki I was so happy to see your smiling face this morning!

    Sounds like you have your family wrapped around your little paw

    I hope you have a great day sweetheart!

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    South Carolina

    You are a very beautiful lady. It does sound like you are spoiled.
    But that doesn't matter. You wouldn't be spoiled if they didn't love you very much.

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    Love the face!

    What a wonderful, friendly face. Nikki, you are a golden girl - at least part gold!
    Have a great day as our TOP DOG!
    Tiger, Percy, Antoinette, Scooter,Norbert,Willy, Pippin

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    Hello Nikki! What a beautiful sweet face you have, and a lovely glossy coat as well! You sound like you have both the wonderful qualities of a golden retriever and German shepherd, the best of both worlds! You give your family tons of love and laughter, making you such a special family member!

    Enjoy your day sweet Nikki, and thank you for giving us such a wonderful smile to shine upon us today!
    Mom to Raven and Rudy the greyhound

    Missing always: Tasha & Tommy, at the Rainbow Bridge

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    Greetings to you precious Nikki! Oh, just look at that sweet, gentle, smiling face What a beautiful blend of two fantastic breeds you are, sweet girl! But there's a beauty about you, both inner and outer, thats unqiuely and exclusively ***all yours***! Your stunning good looks, your irresisitble charm, your unconditional love for life and your humans make you a treasure to cherish forever! Your family sure did hit the jackpot the day you walked into their lives and they are understandably proud of their beautiful Nikki! I know if you were mine, I'd spoil you rotten too! Congratulations to our gorgeous Golden Shepherd Dog of the Day, the fabulous Nikki! This is YOUR special day of honor, Nikki. I hope it's a very happy one filled with lots of hugs, high fives and yummy treats! Smooches and happy tails wags to you sweetheart from Sandra, Cody and Star!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Oh NIkki you're so fine! What a handsome dog - your eyes are so beautiful and filled with love! How lucky you are to get to sleep on the bed with mommy! Congrats to Adorable Nikki, Our Wonderful Dog of the Day!

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    (((HUGS))) to Nikki!! Nikki I LOVE you! You are everything that is the best about any doggy. Beautiful and sweet and smart!
    I'm so glad you are our DOTD and thank you so much for bringing me a happy smile.

    Kittenwhiskerz ~CA~

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    What a cutie pie you are Nikki!! Congrats!

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    Nikki Krimpy!

    I love the name You are a sweetie pie, Nikki, anyone can see that with just a glance.

    It sounds to me like you've got your family well trained, too With Reebok, he waits until I am on the computer, then he'll put his paw on my hands while I try to type and he'll nudge and paw until I say "ok, ok!" He runs right for the cupboard where the treats are I think we're all trained to a degree when it comes to our fur-babies. Who can resist those sweet faces I know I could never resist yours, Nikki Congratulations on being chosen todays DOTD!!

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    Hi Nikki!

    You are so lovey! What a beautiful face you have!

    You remind me of my sweet dog Tesoro (a Shep Lab mix) in both appearance and because your caretaker states that you are very vocal. Tesoro's a big talker/vocalizing dog too. If displeased or frustrated, he mumbles, moans, and groans. He expresses all manner of emotions in his own way with his happy squeals and his "talking". So your owner's comments about your vocal habits just made me smile and made me want to reach through the computer screen and give you a huge hug!

    Glad to hear that you have such a wonderful and loving family. Enjoy your very special dog of the day honors. You are quite a beautiful gal and you deserve all of the best!

    Best wishes,
    Anna Lisa & her 3 dogs

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    Lady Nikki

    Congratulatios, adorable, beautiful,sweet Nikki, for your DOTD.
    I would like to give you a big hug, thousand kisses and lots of treats and play time, but I am sure you will have it all with your family and little friends.
    Sweet precious, enjoy your reign as our princess for today (I am sure you behave like a princess every day).
    Thousand kisses and hugs.

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