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    I'm pretty new to the forum, and was curious to know for how long a time period a topic remains posted? I have been "back tracking" checking all the previous months' "Dogs of the Day" First, I would like to send a blanket congratulations to all the very, very special and beautiful dogs and their proud families. Everyone is so precious and a treasure. I was surprised, though, not to see any postings in response to Dog of the Day Nikki? I was so touched by the beautiful and touching "Christmas Story" told so beautifully by her young mistress. Perhaps I just missed it? Anyway, congratulations beautiful Nikki. You have a wonderful and determined family who never gave up! (Especially Dad!)

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    For anyone who wants to see the Nikki tatsxxx11 is talking about, I think it's the husky gal from October 4! See

    and enjoy!

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    I agree. Nikki is a beautiful dog. Look at that face!!! She is adorable.

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