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Thread: smell?

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    Today I was grooming my male cat (neutered) when I noticed a very musky scent coming from him. It was pretty unpleasent and I hadn't smelled it ever before when grooming him.
    My fiancee smelled it too, so I know I am not crazy. =)

    I gave him a bath and he smells great now.
    His brother loves to be groomed and I have never smelled an odor from him.

    But I was wondering, is this natural?
    He was a little nervous when I groomed him and I did not know if this was a reaction he was giving off.

    I tried looking it up under various searches on google, but they kept bringing me back to cat litter box smell and spraying.

    He is almost 2 years old, a siamese mix, here is his pic:

    Does anyone have any information about this?

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    Is he neutered? If not maybe he should be. If he is then a vet visit may still be in order.

    Good luck!
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    Yes, he and his brother have been neutered from 3 months old on.

    The smell seemed to be coming maybe from his scent glands.

    Just wondering if anyone knew anything about this?

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    It probably was from his scent glands, called anal glands or sacs. They are used to scent mark his poo, but (like skunks) can also be used when they are scared. People usually don't notice they're there unless that happens or if they get impacted.

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    Even female cats can release anal glands when excited or nervous. It is normal unless like Jaqi said they are impacted or infected. Then usually you will see them scooting their butts along on the floor as if they have worms. Or they will get swollen and nasty looking. Then a trip to the vet is in order. But most like he just got overstimulated from the grooming and they released.

    By the way...welcome to Pet Talk. Would love more stories about your kitty.


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    My cat Cubby does this too. I think it might be because he is scared or uncomfortable. Sometimes when I cuddle him I smell an odor that smells like odors that sometimes come from cats. Maybe your cat is having a problem. Maybe one of these two suggestions will help. Maybe u shuld go to the vet.

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    Thanks everyone.
    He hasn't done it since, so I guess we are A-okay.
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    Love you buddy.

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