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Thread: Your dog's smell

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    Your dog's smell

    Something I've been pleased to discover is that I love the way Lefty smells. I never particularly liked the way my parents' dogs smelled--they weren't dirty dogs; their scent just didn't do anything for me. Lefty's scent, however, brings this passage from Dodie Smith's "I Capture the Castle" to mind:

    "I found my candle-end and had just knelt down by Heloise's basket to have a few words with her (she had a particularly nice warm-clean-dog smell after being asleep) when he came out again, wearing his coat over his nightshirt."

    So, am I just weird, or do any of you others really like the smell of your dog? Sometimes I even like to bury my face in his ruff of fur and breathe it in (not a good idea, as I'm mildly allergic to dogs, though obviously I haven't let that stop me from owning one).
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    Maybe some would say your wierd but not me i love my dogs scent!! its addictive,lol
    also when shes been bathed her coat holds the smell of the shampoo (human shampoo),
    as with you my mums dog smells gross (again not dirty just stinks),
    so no i dont think your wierd,
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    I love my dogs' smell!! Just last night as I was sitting next to Star, the warm, sweet smell of frito feet was wafting through the air! And I love the smell of their fur, especially after they've been laying in the sun. And there's a special smell right by their snouts (my favorite kissing spot) that's heavenly! I even like the smell of their breath! (They have nice clean teeth!) Guess I'm weird too; I find their smells so comforting!

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    Oh! Not to start this topic up again (though thanks for the smile, Tats!), but in a recent Bat Conservation newsletter, it said that the reason that colonies of Mexican free-tail bats smell like corn tortillas is because the sources of the smells are chemically identical. I thought of the Frito Feet discussion, and wondered if there might be something similar going on with our dogs' feet. I think carrie had suggested something along those lines.

    I haven't smelled Lefty's feet...yet. His breath is not bad either, but when he burps it smells like dog food--and he burps a lot! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this, and you hit it right on the head, tats--their smell is very comforting.
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    Bats--you need them more than you know!

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