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Thread: 10 cats in Tucson looking for a home.

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    10 cats in Tucson looking for a home.

    I got this in an email from a listserve today. I'm so tempted to ask about the siamese.. but I just don't think I can handle another cat right now.

    "There currently is a woman in Tucson, who has been living with 14 cats and is now too disabled to take care of all of them, in a message she wrote, "I have to find a home for 10 of them. Siamese, Maine Coon, Siberian, all 4-6 yrs old and lovely as can be." If anyone can help this woman, you can write me directly and I will give you contact information."

    If anyone here in insterested let me know and I can give you the e-mail address.
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    what is the update on these cats?

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