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    Tucson, Arizona


    Who else on pettalk lives in Arizona? Seems like I remember seeing Tucson under someones name, but I can not remember for anything who it was now.
    who else is in Az?

    also-- I think I asked once before, didnt find out, how was the pettalk meeting, did many go to it?

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    I think I saw Tucson before too, but I can't remember who. PerfectPaws, posts mostly in "dog" and lives in Chandler. I lived in Chandler for 6 months in 1996. It is a great state!

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    Hey, toughcookie! I live in Tucson and will be going on my fifth year living here in the desert. So nice to see another Tucsonian

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    I had posted that I went to University in Tucson but graduated and left a "few" years ago. Doesn't K&L live in a suburb of Phoenix?

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    Tucson, Az
    I live in Tucson, I've been here for three years now.

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