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Thread: hey everyone you won't beleive what i've been through

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    hey everyone you won't beleive what i've been through


    well i've been through h*** and back.i also scared my family and friends which i hate.

    anyway last month like in the middle of last month i was home alone and my parents were in the i was home alone and was real sad and depressed.anyway i walked down stairs are got a bottle of pills and took a handful of them,i didn't realize what i had done till it was too late.when i did realize it i called my moms nurse and she rushed over and called poison control.they said to get to the she rushed me to the hospital and they checked me into a room.the nurse stayed w/ me and called my brothers i have 3 and 2 live an hour away.anyway they rushed to be by my side and the 3rd brother would call for updates.we also calleed my parents and finally reached them and my brother told them that i was in the ER so they came home the same day they left.i felt awful for ruining their trip let alone scaring them.anyway they didn't have to pump my stomach instead they give me 2 big cups of CHARCOLE it was a gross experiance.

    since that over dose i've been put on paxil for depression.and i have been to a shrink that was a bad experiance they talk to my mom first and that took like an hour or so.then came my turn and that only took 15min.

    anyway thats why i haven't been arouund much i've just been through h*** and back. and last week i had a day of seizures it started out at 8:30am then calmed down then it started out again and that lasted till noon.when i finally recovered from those seizures i saw that everything on my pc desk was out of place i think i put up a fight w/ my mom lol.anyway i'm back and hopefully for awhile.take care

    Truffles aka Marylyn

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    Oh my gosh Marylyn! Are you alright? How scary! I'm glad you were saved and are on medications for your depression. Take care of yourself.

    I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running
    from one falling star to another till i drop. This is the night, what it does to you.
    I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.
    - Jack Kerouac; On The Road

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    yes i'm ok


    i'm ok , the pills i took weren't very toxic.but the doctor was kind enough to tell my mom (in front of me)what meds are very toxic she wasn't very happy about that either,luckly i was so woozy and tired that i don't even remember what he said.i did learn something from this bad experinace and that is that my family loves me very much and so do my friends on or offline.its ashame it took that over dose to realize that. take care


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    Glad you are back!

    Big Hugs for you and your family!



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    Oh gracious - glad you are okay!

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    Aotearoa- New Zealand -Kia Ora, Tena Koutou,Haere Mai From the Land of the long white cloud.
    I am very sorry to hear of your traumatic experience, and I really hope you are surrounded with love from your family and friends, who will indeed help you through this tough time, sweetie I know its hard, but nothing or no-one is worth taking your life for, sometimes life gets on top of us, and it feels so bad, but believe me its never quite as bad as we think at the time, I am relieved to hear this has made you realise how loving your family and friends really are.
    Please feel free to pm me anytime, if you are feeling low, I would like to help in anyway possible, I sure hope the pills you have will make you feel better too.
    Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge,Zara,Rusty, Juliette ,Romeo,sweet Tessa,wee stray and Harvey you all will never be forgotten.

    Furangels only lent.
    RIP my gorgeous Sooti, taken from us far too young, we miss your beautiful face and purssonality,take care of Ash for us, love you xx000

    RIP my beautiful Ash,your pawprints are forever in my heart, love and miss you so much my big boy. (very special thanks to Alysser for my cute siggy)

    RIP my sweet gorgeous girl Ellie-Mae, a little battler to the end, you will never ever be forgotten, your little soul is forever in my heart, my thoughts, my memories, my love for you will never die, Love you my darling little precious girl.

    RIP lil Benson the Hedgehog, came in to our lives suddenly and for a short time ,but you were loved and cared for and missed.

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