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Thread: Teddy Bear!!

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    I have some dear friends who live in Mass. They had a Wheaton terrier that I never had the pleasure to meet.

    They talk about their Wheaton terrier as though they lost a son when he passed to the Rainbow Bridge.

    Thank you Teddy Bear, now I fully understand because you are so adorable and it is easy to see why you would be so well loved.

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    Teddy Bear!!

    I've been trying all day to break away from work to tell you that you are absolutely the most adorable little baby doll!! My Piper is a wire-haired fox terrier and he gets compared to a stuffed animal quite often as well. You have that same look in your eye that he has that just makes my heart melt.

    If you were mine, you would be the most spoiled rotten little thing in the world because I could not tell you no!!!

    Congratulations to our ever so special, cute, cuddly, fluffy, huggable, and ever so adorable DOTD!!!!

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    OMGoodness!!!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous ......... and great big hugs coming your way ...

    Have a great day sweetheart
    "No dog is born either vicious or friendly, but rather a blank slate that is moulded, for better or worse, by the owner."

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    Wella, won't you be MY teddy bear? (Apologies to the King )

    I would LOVE to have you be mine, sweet one but I sure don't see how your family could ever let you out of their sight!!!!! You are the most adorable guy I've seen in quite awhile. Congrats, T.B. on being DOTD. I hope you have a long, happy, healthy, wonderful life with your loving family. {{{HUGS}}} and a big smooch, too

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    Oh Teddy BEAR , You are so sweet. I love your face. Your beautiful. HUGS AND KISSES

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    I'm a couple of days behind the times but I had to comment on this sweet doggie. He is so precious. That's the second time today I've used that word to describe a DOTG. But Teddy Bear is so cute that he looks almost like a toy. Just adorable.

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