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Thread: I won a teddy bear XD

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    I won a teddy bear XD

    Well technically it was my mom, cause she paid for the ticket..

    We went to a horse show the other day (show jumping) and it was really awesome. I totally fell in love with this horse named The Big Easy. He was gorgeous! He was a bay color and had a white strip on his face. He was also huge! Anyway, there was a thing going on where you tell these people who you think will win and if they win, you get a teddy bear (plus the money goes to a childrens fund anyway) So mom told me to pick 2 horses. I of course, picked The Big Easy and another horse, Foreigner who also looked very promicing. Anyway, mom got a call today saying she won a bear lol. I think it was foreigner who won though.

    Sorry for the pointless thread, but I seemed to have a good eye for the winners that night cause other parts of the show (it was just flat work...maybe it's hunter?? Not really sure what that is though..) and I could tell by the riders position and riding ability who would win. It was so much fun We only have show jumping liek that here maybe once a year..

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    good job!

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