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Thread: Funny Story Of the Day!!

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    Funny Story Of the Day!!

    Police Dog Drops Chase, Gulps Down Candy

    OSLO, Norway (AP) - When Varg the police dog was sent into a candy factory to track down two intruders, his sense of taste got the better of his sense of duty. The German Shepherd nearly ate himself sick.

    Leif Berglund, of the police in the central Norway city of Trondheim, on Thursday said police were called to the Nidar candy factory after seven 13 -to 15-year-olds were found helping themselves to candy after they broke in.

    Five surrendered at once, but two ran away. So police sent Varg to follow their trail. What he found was the trail of candy they left behind, as well as more candy in the building.

    ``He helped himself greedily,'' said Berglund. He said he was so full of candy ``that we had to immediately transfer him to a more urgent assignment'' on the lawn outside the building.

    The two children remained at large.

    ``He is fine now. He is one tough gentleman,'' said Berglund, after Varg's dereliction of duty.

    At 9.5 years, Varg is set for retirement, so wouldn't face any disciplinary action, Berglund said.
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    How SWEET!!!!!

    Thanks Kay for my great sig & avatar!!!
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    awww thats cute.! but i hope he won't get yelled at...

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    LOL!!!! Smart dog couldn't blame those candy thieves, so he just joined in!!!

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    Cute, cute, cute!! Hope it wasn't chocolate! Sounds like Varg is definitely ready for retirement!

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