Well, the thread where Shayna had posted about Misty being her girl reminded me of a really funny story about Major.

A while back when it was colder, Major would always be asleep on his blanket in his doghouse at night. Whenever I came outside, he'd come out. And whenever I was coming home from something, he was already out waiting by the time I got to the gate. So I have never seen him in his house.

But Sarah and Michael, my brother and sister have often commented to me how cute he looks in there. (They are able to see because he has a lightbulb in there and you can see through the cracks between the swinging door and the house).

Now, I have NEVER seen him in there. I guess he always knows when its me coming, and he comes out, but if its one of my other family members, he would usually just stay in.

An even funnier story to add on to that:

One time Sarah was coming home from one of her friends house. She opened the gate and Major was still in his house, but she said he came out. The funniest part is, as soon as he saw her, he went back in! I find it so funny that he saw it was her and just went back in!
Now to some of you that might be normal dog behavior, but Major is a really energetic dog and is always happy and feels the need to greet every single person or animal. I know some of you who have older dogs or other breeds of dogs, they might not care to much if somebody came home. But that'd be unusual for Major...which is why the story is so funny!