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Thread: "The Arthritis Cure for Pets"

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    "The Arthritis Cure for Pets"

    I thought that some of the Pet Talkers with older dogs might be interested in this book I just bought:
    "The Artritis Cure for Pets" by Brian Beale, DVM, and Brenda Adderly, MHA. It has some useful information that we can all use.

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    Thanks, Alicia, for the link. We only have one that truly is affected by arthritis, and that would be Murphy. We give her Glucosimine/Choindrointen (sp??) daily, plus when she is extra stiff, I supplement her with Rimadyl. Poor baby, she tries to be a puppy at times, but she is so very stiff getting up and down.

    I need to look into this, as I have three others who will enter that arthritic stage in the not so distant future. Honey already has a touch of it, and she is not yet 5.


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    Thanks Alicia, as Angus is in this stage, we also give him a Glucosimine/Choindrointen suppliment.
    I'll have to check the book out

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    Thanks. My pooches don't have arthritis but it's always something good to prevent. I prefer buying the food that has glucosamine and chondroitin in it as the supplements here are almost 30 dollars a bottle. Can't wait until I have a job.
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