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Thread: Do you like it when people name there pets "No Name"or"Nameless"?

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    Do you like it when people name there pets "No Name"or"Nameless"?

    How do you fell about that???
    I really don't like that.It is like calling my cat an it and not a cat.
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    I've never met a pet actually called "no-name" or "nameless". Two of my bettas don't have names because I'm horrible at thinking of names for fish, so they are nameless...but obviously, if I'm talking about them to someone I don't say "this is my betta Nameless"...I would say "this is my betta, he does't have a name" or something like that.

    That being said, if someobdy wanted to name their pet "Nameless" or "No-name" I wouldn't care as the pet doesn't belong to me...

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    ive never met a dog or any other pet named that...i was watching a dog show a while back, and the Pom was named "no name"..i sure wouldnt name my pet anything like that

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    My albino Burmese is named Emanon noname backwards! He was a rescue and frankly I was outta names (I didn't know all you wonderful folks then though either!)

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    It depends on the situation. If the person is just lazy and doesn't care enough about their pets to name them, then its bad. If a person, like me, has 30 cockroaches and numerous fish, then its hard to name them all, especially if you can't tell them apart. No name can be a name too. We call the neighbor's stray porch cat no name because he's nobody's cat really, he's a drifter, its his character (but when I'm out of college and in my own house the cat is mine!).
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    It doesn't bother me one bit, though I don't honesetly "like" it, it just doesn't bother me.
    One of my male betta's official name is Nameless. It honestly fits him, and I couldn't see him as anything else. I have a few fish that have no names, but they're official name is not no-name or nameless. They'll get names in time. Same with one of my mice and the hamster... it just takes me a while, and right now I'll fresh out of ideas for names.

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    I really couldn't care less *shrugs*

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    I don't hate it, but it wouldn't be my choice to name any of my pets. Never really though of it I guess!!
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    I think it's fine, better to be named NoName than to have no name at all! As long as the person loves and cares for the animal, I think the name doesn't matter.

    I have known a dog named Puppy (which got confusing when Puppy had puppies), and we had a cat named Cat one summer, until he was stolen. He had been dumped out in our neighborhood, and ended up at out house after being beaten up by the male cat across the street. He answered to Cat, so that's what we called him!

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    I hate it... . I get bothered by stupid things but it's sorta a pet peeve.

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    It doesn't bother me. As long as the pet is cared for properly, I really don't care what/if they name it.

    Personally though, I name all my dogs and birds. The fishes used to be named but I regularly get new fish. I've brought home over 60 bettas. It gets kinda hard to come up with new names (and remembering them!) after 40. =P

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    I've never heard of a pet named Namelss.
    Untill now, that is.
    I had a himilayan cat named C.A.T.
    I thought it was cute, and it fit him. The lady who gave him to me had named him that.
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    my friend couldn't think of a name for her cat, so she name it cat.

    I voted "hate it" because usually I do. On fish it's fine. My fish ( before I gave them all away ) were all named " nameless"

    except for my angelfish, when he got to 25 cm we decieded he ( or she ) deserved a name. His name is Finnigan, ( we never really thought of him being a her.... ) when we gave him away he was 30 cm !

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    I do like it when a pet has a name but I dont get mad at the person.

    Some pigeon breeders dont give there pigeons names but numbers so its like ''Hi meet my pigeon Co 2004 3567'' now I find that weird.

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    I thinks it okay in some ways, for example, some people have HUGE aquariums with 40+ fish in them, or really big aviaries with tons of birds, it would be hard to name them all and remember them, especially if the animals all look the same.

    Most of the time though, its best to name your pets.
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